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      Elroy Jetson

      with the new school year coming up it’s probably time to post some questions about the new year. in 2006 results order:

      Westminster (936 points, 1st place, 1 qualifier to ncaa) – lost a little to graduation, but gesacion and sieg had solid careers. gesacion will be the toughest to replace – he was a mainstay on their sprint relays, second fastest behind trunk. did they bring in another strong freshman class? will they get a relay to ncaa’s? will they repeat as PAC champs? will leuenberger get selected for ncaa’s this year? until we see what each team brought in, entering this year as the favorite.

      Grove City (906 points, 2nd place, 5 qualifiers to ncaa) – lost an all-american sprinter and their best backstroker to graduation. also lost 2 divers. they closed the gap on westminster last year, but will they have enough coming in to overtake them? haring isn’t too bad a loss if whitbeck steps up, but they need a backstroker bad. they also need an imer and someone to step up in the fly. needs a lot to catch wc this year, a little too far ahead of wj. 2007 prediction – 2nd.

      WJ (624 points, 3rd place, no qualifiers) – had a great freshman class last year. did they repeat the recruiting for another strong class? many school and a couple conference records broke. lost socha to graduation and train won’t be back, so that’s their major holes to fill. another decent freshman class and they’re in contention. one year away – 2007 prediction – 3rd.

      St. Vincent (225 points, 4th place, NAIA) – only the first time they ever had a “team” at PAC (only one guy their first year of existence in 2005) and they looked decent. another good group of freshman and they continue to climb, maybe help wj move ahead of gc if they can steal a few spots in finals. still need a couple more years to contend though. 2007 prediction – 4th.

      Bethany (179 points, 5th place, no qualifiers) – didn’t lose anyone of consequence. mcgowan isn’t coaching cross country anymore so maybe i’m underselling these guys. did the extra time help with recruiting? based on their schedule they’re getting started much earlier this year (same time as everyone else) – will it make a big difference? is this zinz’s breakout year? the battle for 4th and 5th will come down to who did better recruiting this year. 2007 prediction – 5th.

      i know it’s nothing exciting, but i figure it might get people talking.

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      Didn’t Westminster lose Nate Horrell to graduation? However I do believe the Westminster men will step up this season, and I predict they will be able to qualify a relay to Nationals.

      Actually Grove City did not lose their best backstroker to graduation, but he still has two more seasons of eligibilty. Since Caleb Courage is much better at freestyle sprints, I doubt he will be used much in the backstroke. Having said that, I do expect that Caleb will be used to lead off the 200 MR at the PAC championships. His time at Nationals was a half second faster than Joel’s time at PAC’s, and that from the outside lane. There is no doubt in my mind that Coach wants to get the 200 Med. relay to Nationals.
      I also expect that Chad Toth will be able to get some good swims in this year. His freshman times in the backstroke were not far off those that Joel Boerkel had when he was a freshman. Joel will be missed.

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