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@Insufficient wrote:

I scored things based on prelims with a few caveats…

blohm wins, kurtz wins, and medley goes hope, calvin, kzoo, olivet, albion

today yesterday total
Hope (H) 147 166.5 313.5
Kalamazoo (KZ) 129 116.5 245.5
Calvin ( C ) 107 81 188
Olivet (O) 128 104 232
Albion (A) 76 110 186

I scored it too, but only bothered with Kzoo and Olivet. I have Olivet getting 3rd, and Kzoo 4th in the medly, Blohm and Kurtz both winning, and Kzoo 2nd, Olivet 4th in the 800 Free Relay. Also I am assuming that Kurtz will be on the 800, not the 200 medly.

After tonight:

Kzoo: 269.5
Olivet: 257.0

The 100 Breast is NOT out of question for Miesner. I don’t think Kurtz is tapered all the way. We shall see. Good to see another MIAA guy get to Nats though. The 100 breast is definitely the swing event. 4 Olivet/Kzoo guys in the top heat. Plus Olivet has a lot of points in consols.

Interesting to note, Kzoo has an 8 – 7 advantage in the top heat over Olivet, but a 1-7 disadvantage in the bottom heat.

What is Joe Arce’s 3rd event? He did not swim today. 200 back?