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Im not sure if Mulvihill actually did. The 5 and 2 for sure, but I am not sure about his third event. Simon for sure the 2 Im, and I am guessing both breaststrokes.

Simon never had the 200 Breast

I am pretty certain that he did hold that record.

Colin Herlihy from Ithaca went a 2:02.17 in 1996. He got meet MVP and I think it was because he set two records. If that is correct, then Simon bested the record the next year (2:01.6). He then set the 200 IM record in 1998.

I was going off of the NCAA list of event winners (linked in my previous post) which had Howard Seidman from Alfred winning with a 2:01.53 in 1984. That could be a mistake, but I just checked their records which have him at a 2:01.33, which was probably his prelim swim (the date matches up with the championships).