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I Have to say I have a huge problem with a swimmer of the meet who puts herself ahead of her team.It was downright awful that stern didn’t swim relays in the morning and her team actually didn’t make consols. Very selfish and that should absolutely be held against you when voting on swimmer of the meet is held. Its amazing that her coach would let her be such a diva at the cost of the team.

I have to say I have a huge problem with bloggers bashing one of the greatest d3 swimmers of all time without good cause. Perhaps you would not have such a problem if Stern was an Eph?

“Downright awful”…”very selfish”…Really Willswim?
Kendra Stern dominated her competition every time she got in the pool. “Puts herself before the team”… it looked like she left everything in the pool for her teammates. Did you notice in the 800 free relay she split a 145 to get her teammates (splitting 154, 154, 156) a podium finish and All-American status?

Say what you want about her not swimming those other relays, but I find it hard to believe she would tell her coach not to swim her. Don’t deride this champion for something she doesn’t control. That’s why there’s a Coach of the Year award– which the Amherst coach didn’t win.

There’s a reason the coaches vote on the swimmer of the meet award and not us fans. They understand swimming better that we do- that’s why they’re paid to be real-life coaches and those of us who sit at our computers all day browsing these forums aren’t. They obviously thought Stern’s swims were deserving of special recognition, as do I. I would like to offer my congratulations to Kendra Stern for a spectacular performance this past week.