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Not bitterness at all, just tremendous respect for those who swim their hearts out on relays as well as in their individual events. Additionally, what do we have to be bitter about. Our swimmers swam on all the relays possible and deserve accolades. This is merely a discussion of what should be included in the SWM / MVP award. My feeling is that relays are an important component of the Swimmer of the Meet. It’s not whether you win (you cannot control the depth of your team), but whether you as a swimmer could have impacted the team performance by swimming them. It is a tribute to her greatness that she most definitely would have had a great impact on the finish of Amherst relays and team standing. If your coach rolled the dice (not her decision) once, you would have thought he wouldn’t roll them again to the team detriment, which is why I get the feeling she had input into the decision. Of course we will never know, but some Amherst parents (or swimmers) seem to agree with me.

So Kendra Stern didn’t swim her heart out on relays and in her individual events? I am not trying to start a lengthy debate here. This is a MVP topic however the conservation keeps taking a turn about Kstern not swimming on 1 or 2 relays…I agree that relays should be factor but it shouldn’t be the deciding factor in the MVP award. We can say this person deserved the MVP award and back up with the data. However, in the end of the day the coaches decide. The coaches at national meet determined that Kendra Stern deserved the award and I don’t disagree. She ands Kristen Frost are the only people to hold 3 Short Course Yards Individual National Records. Also, she set the most individual national records at this year Nationals.

Take Kendra Stern away Amherst and they don’t probably don’t even finish top 25 in the team race. She was vital to their team success at National anyway you look at it.