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Sorry, just want to bring up a random side-note (don’t want to get into the Kendra talk….there’s valid points being made on both sides and it feels like everyone should probably just agree to disagree…though a healthy debate is always fun).

@RealTalk wrote:

You are right though, LordJeffFree, about Amherst having some history of egotistical swimmers–and not only on the women’s side. Swimming, as this forum has pointed out, is also a team sport where support and respect for for one’s current (or former) teammates should be part of the game, and it truly is sad when it is not. One guy in particular stands out- an ’09 grad whose name I can’t recall (obviously wasn’t that memorable). He was an average swimmer– I think he might have scored a handful of points for the team in the 200 free consols his senior year, but not as many as you would have guessed from his arrogance. He seemed to have little respect for his teammates and constantly sought recognition. I wonder if he browses these forums still looking for some even though he graduated years ago.

I’m sorry….RealTalk….you’re an idiot.

Did you have any interactions with our men’s team? Do you know what the culture of our team is like? I highly doubt it, because if you did you’d realize what a tight knit group the Amherst team is (just as most swim teams tend to be). In my four years there, not once did I encounter a swimmer who put himself above the team. Everyone was swimming for everyone else instead of personal glory, which you saw by the way people stepped up on relays and supporting each other at Nescacs/Nationals. Every year our only goal as a team was to beat Williams and to improve our team standing at Nescacs/Nationals. Furthermore, whenever we talked about individual goals, they were always discussed in the context of how we could individually help the team. Take, for example, Alex Fraser leading off the 400 free minutes before a swim off that could have sent him into finals… that’s the Amherst I know, which you clearly do not. I was an average swimmer at best for Amherst; and though I dropped time during my years at school, I’m definitely most proud of my senior year when we (finally) beat Williams for the first time in years. I know that everyone in my class feels the exact same way (save for our awesome fisherman breastroker who says getting 2nd at Nescacs our sophomore year was his favorite memory on the team).

As a direct response to your accusation….your claim is a complete fallacy. It’s quite easy to figure out who the swimmer is that you’ve casually chosen not to remember, as a 1:39 200 freestyle cannot really be seen as “average.” Personally, any member of our team that has ever swam with him or interacted with him knows that your claims are completely ridiculous and unfounded; he was far more concerned with the team than he ever was with his own personal swims and was not arrogant in the slightest. I challenge you to produce even one shred of evidence that would support your claim, because I know I have 8 years of Amherst swimming classes that would back me up on this.

— Joe Scala, Amherst ’09

(sorry about the random side note….please continue the MVP discussion)