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Someone posted that Stern has sat out relays in the past so I looked at last year’s results. The prelim results aren’t archived but Stern swam in finals (or consol finals) as the freestyle leg in 4 relays so it would appear she swam in prelims last year as well as finals in 4 relays. (Amherst made top 8 in all but 1 of those relays — a result that seems unlikely without Stern.)

I also noticed that Stern did swim in 400 MR in prelims this year for Amherst, putting them in top 8. In finals, she seemed to struggle (for her) with the swim, of course, following the 200 free. Amherst went from 6th to 8th and Barito swam a faster free leg in anchor for Stevens as Stern added time from the morning. Stern’s morning swim was quite fast (low 49) and was her best freestyle swim of the meet, so she clearly swam her best to get her team to top 8 at night.

These are just facts. I agree that others also had great meets. I’m just trying to correct the suggestion that she didn’t contribute to relays in the past and also pointing out that she did give her all in prelims on a relay when asked to swim in one.

As I also pointed out in a previous post, it’s not unusual for coaches to sit out a top swimmer in a morning relay swim. Denison, Emory and WIlliams did that throughout the meet. Notably, Wilson and Todhunter seem to have swum in all the prelims which is quite impressive. But it is simply not true that sitting out a swimmer of Stern’s caliber from a prelim relay swim is unusual.