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first, to clarify, the title of the award that kendra won was swimmer of the meet, not MVP, which i would consider two different things. second if you want to go with points scored including relays then lets take a look at the men’s meet and see who would have been named swimmer of the meet, then see how you all feel about using that as a basis.

personally, when considering who to vote for, kendra seemed like the most obvious choice; her records were incredibly impressive and she won all three of her events. the fact that she didn’t swim on those of the relays could have been for a number of reasons, i will not say for certain that she was ill at the meet, however after every race she swam i saw her throwing up in trash cans on deck. i think after four years of coaching and working with kendra, her coach knows what she is capable of and made the decisions he thought best for his team and all of his swimmers–as for other receiving consideration, i am certain that all of the girls that have been mentioned were not only considered but also received votes, but i think on the whole kendra’s performance at the meet was the most impressive and her award well deserved.