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@LordJeffFree wrote:

I think that everyone can agree though that there would be a lot of questions if the team that you followed made a similar decision.

Hypothetically, Kalamazoo alums (picking the team with the most fans on here), would you be critical if Fleming had only swum 2 relays last week, resulting in both of those relays failing to get a second swim?

Yeah, we would be pretty pissed. This isn’t confined to Amherst. Two other example of this:

1) Last year a Hope senior swimmer chose not to do a 2nd chance meet to try and get a teammate to nats. reason being 2nd chance meets never work (98% true) and it would effect his Nationals meet. Believe me, that guy got roasted.

2) Aaron Cole usually got more than .7 out of relay starts. He was one of those guys. Yet Denison lead him off in free relays for record purposes. It wasn’t that big of a deal but “Cole Getting the Record,” was put in the equation to determine the relay order. I am probably the only one to even think about that, but the point is this isn’t a Kendra Stern hate-fest.