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I just looked at the results to see what Amherst did in keeping Stern out of prelims. It used Vincett, Merz, Belak and Bennett for both 200 free relay and 400 free relay and, in both cases, finished 17th. It also used the same combination for 200 MR finishing 22nd. Stern did swim in 400 MR prelims and, of course, in 800 free relay. Vincett, Merz, Belak and Bennett were relay-only swimmers so they had to swim at least once in prelims but not three times. I have no reason to believe that these were Stern’s decision. And other teams, of course, were also switching out swimmers from prelims to finals. (I saw Denison women do so.) But this decision, of course, cost the team points. It would be interesting to know who made this decision. I find it hard to believe that Stern made this decision.