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I would just note that four other top teams sat out a strong 100 freestyler in prelims — Lemberg for Emory, Golovkina for Denison, Altenburger for Williams and Connolly for Kenyon. (Those are the only teams I checked.) Unfortunately for Amherst, the decision to treat Stern in this way hurt them with respect to overall points. But it’s not at all unusual to do so. I also noticed that Stern did swim 400 free relay in prelims last year for Amherst so it may have been the fact that she was a senior and going after the national record for the last time that tipped the balance here. I also noticed that the Amherst swimmers in the relays had fabulous swims for them so I think this tactic did serve to inspire them to swim their best rather than rely on Stern (as they had at NESCACs).

Having said that, I thought Caroline Wilson did deserve serious consideration for swimmer of the meet. She seems to have swum on nearly every relay in both prelims and finals, including that amazing 100 breast swim in 400 MR. She had the heaviest swimming load with the 400 IM, 500 free and 1650. Altenberger (her teammate) got rested in the morning of the 400 free relay presumably to help her place 3rd overall in 1650 while Wilson swam in prelims and finals, as well as won the 1650. Wilson got overlooked last year in favor of Todhunter so I thought she deserved recognition this year. Of course, she’s only a sophomore and it will be exciting to watch her perform in the future.