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PS – to beesknees23,
I would have an even bigger problem if she was an EPH, because that is not the way I would like our swimmers to act and I would be extremely upset if the coach put one swimmer above the team. Which by the way coach Kuster never and I mean NEVER would. Maybe that is why he is and should be coach of the year. This is aside ffom his talents as a coach and a person. The way he treats his swimmers (great and good) is above reproach.

I agree with you. Stern might be the most talented women’s Division III swimmer ever, and her records in the 200 and 500 are extremely impressive. If you limit the discussion to individual swims, she should win in a landslide. However, in this meet overall, numerous people were more valuable. As a swimmer, I can’t imagine allowing my team to finish lower in the meet just to give myself a better shot to go a couple tenths faster in the 100 free the last night. Stern already had a substantially less strenuous schedule than many other swimmers at the meet, as she could completely coast the 200 and 500 in prelims and still have a sure spot at the top of the A final.

To me, regardless of whether any coach opened the door for this type of decision, a separate issue altogether, I’d be fighting tooth and nail to swim those relays and help my team score the most points possible..