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As a glaring example, at the NESCAC championship meet on one of her relays she did not even get up to the blocks with her team (she was warming up) until just before her leg. I have never seen anything like that. Check almost any relay and you will see girls almost falling into the pool cheering on their teammates. Not ms. Stern.

wow. i find it hard to believe that anyone would be thinking “cheering for relays is boring, i’ll just hang out in the warm-up pool”. i’ve seen plenty of powerful relay swimmers warm up right until they swim, and it’s anything but selfish, they do it so they don’t mess up the relay. Stern i imagine had a larger and more difficult schedule than the rest of the those swimmers and because of that needs more time to cool down from a previous race and get ready for the next. spending more time warming up might be her way of contributing, making sure she gives those teammates the swim they need to be as competitive as they can. if i was ever on an important relay i would rather our anchor warm up and miss cheering and swim like a boss than have him cheer with us and possibly swim like 1 sec slower. sure we don’t know that was her motivation, but we don’t know that it wasn’t.