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I am sorry if out came across as bashing but my view is this is for Swimmer of the meet, not Individual of the meet. Lets not forget that even 8th place on a relay gets more points than a win. Swimming on a relay is an honor and I find it very hard to believe that the Amherst coach would give up that many points and final places on his own (even if they got just 13 points they would have finished 7th instead of 9th). Just my opinion.
There is no denying that Stern is one of the greatest dIII swimmers ever, just doesn’t seem to be a team player. As a glaring example, at the NESCAC championship meet on one of her relays she did not even get up to the blocks with her team (she was warming up) until just before her leg. I have never seen anything like that. Check almost any relay and you will see girls almost falling into the pool cheering on their teammates. Not ms. Stern.
Again this is really just my opinion of what it means to be swimmer of the meet, no knock on Stern’s ample abilities.
It is a cliche , but a good one, there is no I in team and this is a team sport no matter how great the individual.