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@swimdoctor wrote:

I doubt Pete is on this board. He did talk to the team and the captains about hazing, reviewed Midd’s hazing policy, and met with the captains more than once about the consequences of hazing.

Midd has zero tolerance for hazing.Their definition of hazing is so broad that the administration can call almost any interaction between 3 team members “hazing” if they would like. Again, I don’t think this encourages the reporting of hazing from athletes. Students were punished who weren’t present, and had no knowledge of the hazing.

Midd’s swim team is a racially, ethnically, gender-identity and socio-economically diverse group. They do not all come from the same New England prep school. Pete created a supportive environment where it was all about being positive.

Sorry, but those of you trashing him anonymously are the cowards. Maybe you should speak with him face-to-face if you want to know how he felt about the way his senior people betrayed him, and the administration threw him on the block.

I keep reading this lie that Middlebury’s hazing policy “is so broad that the administration can call almost any interaction…hazing”. Here is the hazing policy as written in Middlebury’s handbook so everyone can judge for themselves:

The College prohibits hazing activities, whether by an individual or an organization. For the purposes of this policy, hazing is defined as any act committed by a person, whether individually or in concert with others, against a student in connection with pledging, being initiated into, affiliating with, holding office in, or maintaining membership in any organization which is affiliated with an educational institution; and which is intended to have the effect of, or should reasonably be expected to have the effect of, humiliating, intimidating or demeaning the student or endangering the mental or physical health of a student. Hazing also includes soliciting, directing, aiding, or otherwise participating actively or passively in the above acts.

The implied or expressed consent to hazing is not a defense under applicable State law or this policy.

Hazing activity occurring on or off the Middlebury College campus may lead to disciplinary proceedings with penalties for the individuals involved up to and including suspension or expulsion. Hazing may also lead to the suspension or termination of a student organization.

Culpability for any violations of this policy may be attributed to the perpetrators, the student group and/or its members, and elected or appointed officers. A student group may be found culpable upon satisfactory evidence that the organization did not discourage or did not take reasonable steps to prevent hazing by its members or affiliates.

The student leadership of all registered student organizations, club sports and athletics programs are required to annually acknowledge that they will comply with the terms of the Middlebury College Hazing Policy. All student group officers shall educate their organization members on the applicable Vermont law and College policies concerning hazing.”

Seems pretty clear to me, and three students hanging out is not hazing under this policy, unless there is INTENT to humiliate, intimidate or demean or endanger the mental or physical health of one of those students.