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The only point I need to make is that hazing is wrong. Bullying is wrong. Coaches who turn a blind eye, condone, or even participate are cowards. They should not be leading a team, especially a team of impressionable young adults. If you don’t have it in you to make a stand for something that matters, something that every administration condemns, then you should not be a swim coach. You should not be a swim captain. This exact same thing happened in 2007 at Middleburry.

I’m embarrassed that Peter Soloman came on this board, expecting sympathy, and actually getting it from most of you. Quit embarrassing yourself. You’ve already done enough of that. Do you really need another internet page devoted to your scandal? Is ABC news not enough? Are the 10’s of parents whose trust you’ve violated, and who will probably follow you around from job to job, emailing AD’s not enough?

You failed to stand up for your swimmers last year. Start now. Admit that you were wrong. Admit that hazing is wrong. Apologize to the parents. And then wait for it to blow over. This is honest career advice that I suggest you follow.