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@Negrodamus wrote:

What? Great post. Haven’t you seen The Social Network? Guys love to quantify the attractiveness of girls. It’s in our DNA. Literally. No, really, literally.

Kzoo’s girls team average 5-10 years ago – 4.2
Kzoo girls team average now – 6.7
Gingers on the girls team 5-10 years ago – none
Gingers on the team the past few years – 5 plus some daywalkers
Conclusion – Gingers are hot

I would say Calvin has dropped some recently (I’d say around 6 flat) but they used to be in the 7s which is a very good average.

Agreed, that was a great post, and this is a debate that does not hit often enough. Things must have changed quite a bit if you’re willing to put the Kzoo girls ahead of Hope. In my time, I think I would have even put the Hope girls ahead of Calvin as the slight favorite, with an average somewhere in the low 7’s. At this point, I’m not familiar enough with the current Hope or Calvin women’s teams to make an accurate assessment.