Re: Re: Mid season meets


@DonCheadle wrote:

yeah, sorry I was talking about manning in the 2nd half of the post.

Okay gotcha. Manning now has both breasts and both IM school records. There is no other record in his grasp IMO. I’d say his best shot would be the 500 free and I have no idea what he could go. It’s a 4:34mid. I’d give him less than a 5% chance. Idk if he’s ever swam it tapered. 4 individual records is still VERY impressive, especially considering how fast the record board is now.
@Nehemiah Ingram wrote:

NS was 21.4 and Dylan was 21.6. Those were the only ones I caught.

That’s a great swim by NS, way to go! Proving all the doubters wrong.