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His PR is 17 07.

Correction. 37 second drop.

In line with this discussion, I thought Lindsay’s mile was great for this point in the season–he dropped a bunch of time at leagues last year and he’s on pace to do better this season. 17:03 at leagues last year from near 18 at midseason. Naturally, I am going to grandstand and claim that he will be 16:21 at leagues, assuming he yet again drops 56 seconds in this race from this meet. I’m super cereal.

800 Free Relays were really interesting–kudos go to Alma for being one of the two teams to put up 3 relays (with some solid swims throughout), and I honestly think Calvin’s still got some potential to be a dark horse. Johnson’s quicker than he was at leagues on the end, a decent swim at this point from Batto, and both of their freshmen should drop a bit of time, that relay could realistically get under 7 at year’s end if they stick with that group of four. KZoo’s guys got up and raced each other, good call splitting the two relays.