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@Archer wrote:

Hazekamp. Not the best in season swimmer and backstroke is down this year so i expect him to solidify himself as the guy to beat with a little rest.

I agree, especially with Armstrong in Budapest, he should be able to set himself apart from the field.
@Archer wrote:

Rose. I think last weekends 200 was a great sign for him. Nearly negative splitting shows he’ll be fine at the end of the 200. Hasn’t shown a ton of speed yet this year but that usually comes with taper. He had a great wheaton last year and then stayed about the same at leagues. i don’t know if he’ll get down to last year’s wheaton times but i think he’ll be close enough to expect a great finish at leagues this year.
Larson. Sophmore year blowup. I dropped over 1 sec in my 100 at wheaton sophomore year. He’s about at the same time right now and i don’t see any reason he can’t do the same.

This one I disagree with, almost negative splitting a 200 in season tells me he isn’t tired but doesn’t have the front end speed. Perhaps he will get it after the tough training in Dec/Jan. I’ll eat my words on this one if I’m wrong. I’ll admit I’m a bit tentative to say this because he always tapers quite well but we shall see. I agree about Larson though.
@Archer wrote:

Harden. Also not the best in season swimmer but has looked better this year and flown under the radar a little with how fio’s swimming. It looked like he’s thinned out a little (improved flexibility should help and he’s still PLENTY strong) and from what i hear his shoulder is doing fine. I don’t know if he’ll beat fio but i think he’ll throw up a few good splits at least and be a big part of what could be the MIAAs best relay.

Totally agree with this, however it may not be until MIAAs that he really throws down some great times. On a side note, I just noticed that Harden is my age and I’m three years out of College. Granted I was young for my grade and most people in the class below me were older than me, but still. Harden = the Jason White of the MIAA