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@Nasty Natti wrote:

Does anyone else think Manning will split 19.9 on this at the end of the year? Not that absurd from someone who I expect to go 1:49 in the 2 IM. Still, considerably faster than people have been projecting it seems.

I’d put the over/under around 20.2, which is still blazing fast for what is probably his 8th? best event. I do agree with the 1:49 in the 2 IM and I think he even has a decent (25-30%) shot to go a 1:48 when the season is all said and done. Also, as AdmiralAckbar said sub 20. is hard for anyone, but even more so when you aren’t a sprinter or training for that event at all.
@AdmiralAckbar wrote:

Peyton is undoubtedly a great swimmer

Agreed, certainly a better swimmer than NFL QB right now.