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@stewie wrote:

Kzoo’s weakness is obviously speed/Sprint. Their guys might be putting up okay times but the reality is, they are not that quick in the grand scheme of things. They are not alone here. With the exception of Olivet everyone is the league seems to be hurting for sprinters. Hope and Calvin went 3:16 on Saturday while Alma went 3:18. If Kzoo puts their best 4 fr together on Saturday they probably go 3:15ish. To have all 4 teams in that range (which is not super fast) tells me sprinters are lacking. Just a few yrs ago Hope was going sub 3:10 in season. I think at mid season it will be the battle of 47s, who can put the most 47s or better on their relay. Kzoos 49s need to be 47s at mid season for them to impress me. OC is obviously shaping up to have the strongest sprint crew esp w Hunt out. These unproven Kzoo sprinters need to pull an Andrew Larson, I’ve been a fan of him since the beginning and results don’t lie. He went from a 22 high/49 in hs to a 21.6/47.6 last yr. JP has the uncanny ability to do this.

I disagree. I really think Kzoo’s weakness is their backstroke 🙂

In duals, currently, sprints might be a weakness but I really think this will change in the 2nd half and with taper. I think most of this talk comes because of Nick Smith not living up to the hype put forth on this site. That’s a bit unfair, similar to the Andrew Luck talk right now. I don’t know what he will do tapered, but I would think at least a 21-mid, which isn’t a bad 3rd/4th guy on a 200 FR. I strongly believe Schearer will be a 21-low and I think Simic will knock a couple tenths off his incoming time of 21.5 as well.

If you go
21.1 Schearer
20.7 Simic (-.6 off 21.3)
21.0 Smith (last season split I believe)
20.5 Manning (.5 off his relay meet split)
= 1:23.3
That may not be enough to beat Olivet’s prelim time, but it gives them a shot and isn’t a bad group of sprinters considering the top sprinter on the team is in Budapest.

At midseason, to get down to this, I’d look for a 1:24.2-.4.