Re: Re: MIAA’s (Scored)


@VP2008 wrote:

1.04.8 scored last year in the 1br. I agree with you, but not sure about Foust, what were his times like again? I think Reid has been swimming quite a bit but not so sure about Benmark.

Right now 15th is a 1:01.3 and 16th is a 1:02 flat. No way does a 1:03/4 score, it may take sub 1:01 to score this year. Foust was a 55 in the 1 back (currently 10th) and His 2 back is right around scoring and he never swam it before so it will get a lot faster. Just a few second drop can move him up a lot in that event. Right now, he doesn’t have a third event, but neither does Simic. Nehemiah might know what a good third event for Foust would be though.