Re: Re: MIAA’s (Scored)


@Negrodamus wrote:

It would hurt the 2 FR about .4 seconds. I have Stetson, NS, Shearer and Manning for the 2 FR and if you want to save Manning for all the other relays then you have Tamm who was not much behind Simic (0.4). If Simic swims well at MIAAs in the 50 then you just TT with Manning and him on it to qualify for nats. Also, he has to drop about 2 seconds in the 1 breast to score. Don’t see that happening. Even if he does, that’s only a few more points versus guys that are at least top ten in three events. I will amend what I said though, I’d put Simic ahead of Schuman barely but still behind Foust and Duch (plus Reid and Benmark if they are in shape by then).

1.04.8 scored last year in the 1br. I agree with you, but not sure about Foust, what were his times like again? I think Reid has been swimming quite a bit but not so sure about Benmark.