Re: Re: MIAA’s (Scored)


@Negrodamus wrote:

Looking at the scoring rosters for the big 4, I give a bigger edge to K than I originally thought. Calvin, Hope, and OC are very lacking in their bottom 25% of scorers, while K’s bottom 25% all are 3 event scorers plus all the divers for K as Ackbar mentioned. The other 3 have a few swimmers right now in their top 18 that won’t score in any events. Ouch.

Haha, this was pretty much my original point. You put it more succinctly than I did though. To reiterate the way I see it, even with some moving around (which always happens) I don’t think any one team will be able to close the gap with K enough to pull an upset. The diving and their depth just seems to be too much ground to cover (and it seems like each team is really strong is a distinct area to boot).