Re: Re: MIAA’s (Scored)


@DonCheadle wrote:

No Simic?

Right now, definitely not. It’s really not even that close. He would consol in the 50 (11th) and 100 (he’s 20th right now w/ a bad time) but that’s it. There are guys not scoring for K that could score in 3 events and that’s without Reid or Benmark. I would put Shuman, Foust and Duch all ahead of him scoring wise.
@King James wrote:

Heydlauff will not dive at leagues because he has some serious long-term back problems. It is fairly certain Hope will not score any divers this year.

That’s too bad, that would have been a good amount of points.
@King James wrote:

This leaves 2 spots open on the Hope league team in my mind. I think the choice with the most upside is Grant Ludema. The mile is weak this year and in high school he got down to 4:56 so if he could be in the 17:30 neighborhood then he could score some decent points. Not sure what his 3rd event would be, but I could see him scoring a solid 10-15 points with a nice weekend. Then there is Erick Skaff who has a solid 200 fly and could score some points in the mile. After that there are a few sprinters (Knecht & Vanderhart) that are in the mix as well.

I definitely agree on Ludema, the mile is SO weak. I would go with Skaff for the last spot because the sprinters probably won’t score anything unless they drop a good amount (also see Ludema about the mile).

Looking at the scoring rosters for the big 4, I give a bigger edge to K than I originally thought. Calvin, Hope, and OC are very lacking in their bottom 25% of scorers, while K’s bottom 25% all are 3 event scorers plus all the divers for K as Ackbar mentioned. The other 3 have a few swimmers right now in their top 18 that won’t score in any events. Ouch.