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@Mac of the MIAC wrote:

Thanks Donovan. Glad it was entertaining.

99 Red, here are a few quotes about Parini. I think I accuratly portrayed the type of scum bag he was in college. If there was some big change in adult-hood, then it doesn’t really explain the biggest meathead in college swimming, Aaron Cole. I did not attempt to write a story about Gregg Parini, but at the end of the day, people kept pointing out that he was what was wrong with Kenyon, and not Jim Steen. The point of the story is that a coach has a certain culpability in the actions of his swimmers. Steen is culpable for Parini and Parini is culpable for Cole. Was he “a cool guy” other than a few incidents, maybe. And I’m glad he wasn’t telling his swimmers to spit in lanes. But if I had to bet whether Parini was Cobra Kai or Mr. Miagi, I’d bet a sawbuck that Parini is preaching sweep the leg, whereas Steen is teaching wax-off.

I guess I’m about the best person to clear this up. Greg routinely pulled me aside and tried to collar my “gyrations” and “meathead” actions. Good thing he didn’t succeed. Otherwise there would have been about 300 less posts and discussions from the looks of it. Greg always preached good sportsmanship when I was a swimmer.

Sorry for arriving late to the party. Came here interested in discussion from the Nationals meet.