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I think the meet would have been a lot more impressive if those 18 guys hadn’t of gotten sick. And if Austin Staab had still been swimming for Stanford.

Auburn was NOT rebuilding this year – their team was very similar to what is was last year, and they got a great recruit in Adam Brown to replace Matt Targett. Yes, they definitely had the jacked advantage last year – but 5599 is right – it was more than just that. Could have been some dejection/lack of motivation once they were down in the meet, I donno. Wollach had a good SEC meet – the way he swam was quite surprising.

It was sorta nice to see the mighty (Adrian) go down…. although I also wish he had swum to his potential… so a mixed bag there. : )

Conor Dywer was 1:43/4:43 in HS -no junior cuts, but a solid DIII recruit. Now he’s swimmer of the meet in DI, after not even making the meet last year. Crazy.