Re: Re: Class of 2015


@Bruno wrote:

Calvin is getting another 10+ guys, the most notable being:

Alex Baumann (MI) and Travis Vincent (MI), it looks like most of the other guys can score at the MIAA, but not top 3-5 coming in. Next year, they will also have 7 men diving, It sounds like if they dive 6, they could put 6 in the top 10 at MIAA’s. With no one leaving, Calvin will score a lot more points than last year. We’ll see if they can make things a little more interesting at the top.

Baumann is a good get, but if Vincent in your 2nd best then you really don’t have much. Scoring 3 more divers in the top 10 is will give Calvin 70 points but they only scored 480 last year. In short, they wont make things more interesting at the top if this is what they are bringing to the table.