Re: Re: Calvin Pool Quotes…


@Billy Gilmore wrote:

I understand these guys frustration, but are you kidding me. Someone needs to clarify what it means to be “the largest growing team” and explain how the fact that Calvin had a national champion who grew up in GR and attended the local Christian schools makes them a team ready to become a national power. It seems Calvin has about 18 swimmers on the team every year and its doubtful Weima even considered another school.

Yeah if you want to get a pool built, the best strategy is to say things like, “we get all our best swimmers because, well, frankly they weren’t looking to go anywhere else, so even if we swam in a toilet bowl it would have very little impact on our sucess. And we will never be a national power, but that shouldn’t matter…”

I like what they guys have to say. It shows that they have a pulse.