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I think that more than anything it gives the Alumni a chance to live vicariously through the current teams as well as something to do other than work. When I did my Graduation loss analysis, I did it mostly out of boredom and my own curiosity. Although I can’t say it for sure, I’m guessing that Mac did his Conference analysis either for his fantasy league, out of boredom, out of curiosity, or some combination thereof.

Just relax a little bit, stroker69. It’s all in good fun. The only way this at all affects any of the current swimmers is if they read it, believe it, and let it get in their heads. Just ’cause someone makes a post that has Jon Doe from St. John’s taking 10th in the 400 IM doesn’t really mean that’s where he’ll finish. There are virtually limitless variables (health, hitting taper, mental attitude, team atmosphere, etc) that come into play at a Conference meet, how can we possibly account for them all?