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JC really needs to swim Matt Stewart in the 50 & 100. He needs to win, and I think he can. Giving two wins to Koch will seal it for Olaf.

Are they swimming 100’s or 200’s?

Also, just so I understand the new rules imposed by the irresolute fascist, Rustie Gustie, if I call someone, say, a nerd, like crunchysock did, then also call myself the same name, will my post get deleted? I’ve got a fan base to please, and I need to fully understand these seemingly arbitrary new standards.


The notion of a “home pool advantage” in D3 swimming is ridiculous unless: A. As mentioned, your pool is crappy and the away team is not used to it 2. The away team has to travel 3+ hours on a stinky bus at 6 a.m. (St. John’s relays, Winona, or some ridiculous invite in Wisconsin) or iii. The swimmers on your team are mental enough to be psyched out by the other teams parents, and 100 nerds who go to a swim meet on a Friday night/Saturday morning. (Closed Circuit to moderator: Please don’t censor this post for me calling someone a nerd. Especially since I am one of them.)

With that said, I think it would be awesome if this dual meet was moved to the U of M, or a similar place. Granted, this meet wouldn’t fill one half of one side of the U, but both St. Olaf and Gustavus are woefully inadaquate (sp? I never spell that right) from a spectator’s standpoint. St. Olaf is packed at 5:00 and the over flow are stuck in the hall, and GAC has even less space, so if don’t get there an hour early your stuck behind the glass where you don’t know what is going on.

Olaf +30 I hope I’m wrong.