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something has to be wrong with those pads, there is no way, 9 relays jumped between prelims and finals. I would like to see the actual take off splits.

The fact that only 13 of the relays finished, maybe they should reconsider using the RJP’s or possilby the swimmers should stay on the blocks a bit longer!!

I know it has been said, it has to be done in the water, but WOW, at d1’s the starts are in the .2 .3 range maybe everyone needs to just slow down a bit on the starts.

Im sure a lot of D1 schools have the RJP’s to use, how many D3 schools can really afford them? I know that you would only NEED 1 or 2 to practice, but that is still quite expensive, and you need to use them in meets as well to get comfortable with them at real speeds.