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Additional comments:

Team Championship:

Kenyon has placed more scorers than expected based on psyche sheets coming in….should score more than expected and will have close to 50 point lead over Emory.

Emory…has done a little bit better with some of the swimmers moving up from psyche sheet (50 free) and making it back at all (200IM)…they should be in second place.

Denison….freshman surprise in the 500 free but overall about as expected and finish the day pretty far back of Emory (40 points) and Kenyon will almost be out of reach for Big Red.

Individual Swims

500 Free…looks like a great race as expected with freshman leading the way.

200 IM…can Ertel swim better tonight if not its Orstein vs Sasser.

50 Free…that’s twice Carlton has outswum Weima today…can she do it again tonight?


200 Free Relay…looks like Kenyon over Calvin to me. The Kenyon sprinters look like they hit their taper.

400 MR Relay…looks like Amherst vs Kenyon to me…I think Kenyon will win but will change the relay makeup…however breaking 3:50 doesn’t look like its in the cards for anyone.

Looks like Orstein the 200 IM is the best shot.