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I have changed my mind. I think Amherst breaks the existing 800 free relay record tonight based upon the swims of Ramsey[1:53.10] and Stern [1:51.29] this am. Count on Sasser at 1:51 or below. If the 4th swimmer[most probably Alex Lee who qualified for the event] swims a 1:55, Amherst is under 7:32.

Ok fair enough….but do they beat Kenyon?

NESCAC where are you???

Let me ask you…does Kenyon put Ertel in the 800 free relay? They’re going to win the meet no matter what combination they enter in the 800 free and 400 free. If they put Ertel in the 800 free then they put the record away for sure and win handily (and get revenge for last years DQ). They might still win without her but its no sure thing. The don’t need the points in the 400 free and their swimmers might step up and win it anway. What would you do?