Reply To: Wheaton Invite


Well, Wheaton has no fourth sprinter this year…. Morris is a 200 flyer, he may be able to split 21 high in the 50 free, but he can’t sprint. Lederhouse’s stroke is too erratic to be consistent, so count him out and we still don’t know what to expect out of Hoffer (but word is he’s not the greatest trainer…) Let’s be honest, when it comes to Noll, he’s always been known as a sprinter, but he’s never worked on the technical aspects of a race to consistently make efficient use of his strokes, which is why he always fades the last 25. If he is willing to completely change the way he races the 100/50 breast in the next two months, then maybe… otherwise look for a 59 low individual, 58 high on the relay… He won’t get under 26 on the 50. All of Wheaton sprinters will have to work overtime to perfect those races… I’m talking outside of practice time, taking ownership for success.

Wheaton has always talked about what is possible if people step up, but truth be told only a few times in the last 5 years has it actually happened. and as far as predictions go for conference (if we’re willing to throw those out already) I would go with a 1:24 high and 3:06 mid. Hartman, Higgins and Linn will all have to go best times in the same race for Wheaton to make it, otherwise, the fourth man just won’t be fast enough to make it up. I could be totally wrong… and I hope I am. (sorry for the negative posts rhyme, I’ve just read so many of your posts and your constant optimism is hard to read without a realistic counter…may the truth lie somewhere in the middle… I’m just basing my thoughts on what I’ve seen the last five years, what the guys who are there have done in the past and unlikelyhood of anything changing this year, talk will abound, it always does) 😉