Reply To: Wheaton Invite


Sounds like you are ready to write the season for for Wheaton. I wouldn’t be so pessimestic! Higgins will get in easily with a 1:41.3, imo. It’s only midseason, and the sprinters will have to step it up for conference – but spring is when you focus on honing the sprints anyway – Hartman will come around, Higgins will be there again, Linn will drop some, then it is up to guys like Rob Morris, Jeremy, R. Noll, and Doug Hoffer. You usually arn’t sharp at this point in the season as a team.

Of course it is still going to be hard to get relays in still, but 1:23/3:05 flat at least should still happen at conference, depending on the 4th guy for the 4free. Wheaton rarely got relay cuts in December even with top 8 teams in the early 00’s, pretty much always had to wait until conference.