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@Gilligan wrote:

Here’s how it’s going down:

2 free relay – Grove City (b cut), Westminster (b cut), W&J
500 – Senior, Barron, someone else from WC
2 IM – since I feel the need to pick – Rady, Gilbert, Simpson, Mancuso – that’s what i’m going with, but the order could go any way
50 – courage (a cut), trunk (a cut), haring (b cut), gesacion (b cut)
400 mr – wc (b cut) – back wc over gcc, breast wc over gcc, fly wc over gcc, free courage not enough to catch wc

200 mr – depends on who anchors for wc. if trunk wc, if not gcc. trunk won’t swim this one. gcc, wc, w&j
1000 – senior, barron, coulliard
4 IM – out on a limb – mancuso. tehn yarger then smith
1 fly – simpson (b cut), larsen, horrell, zinz
2 free – courage (a cut), trunk (b cut) – it’ll be jumbled after that with nigrelli, haring, snyder, benoit
1 breast – lehberger (b cut), gilbert, rady, keagle
1 back – smith, boerckel, werner
8 fr – wc – new conference, pool, school record. maybe a b cut

1650 – same as 1000
2 back – smith, werner, boerckel
1 free – courage (a cut), trunk (a cut), haring (b cut)
2 breast – lehberger (b cut), rady, gilbert
2 fly – yarger (b cut), simpson, horrell – wc sweep
4 fr – wc will rise to the occasion and touch out gc – both will make the b cut

courage will be swimmer of the meet again. wc will win again. klamut will be coach of the year again.

ncaa qualifiers – trunk, courage, maybe haring, simpson outside shot. lots of other b cuts but no invites.

Oh, yeah, diving – i guess the joe from gc since the joe from bc is missing

Pretty bold predictions, Gilligan. I don’t know that Lehberger can beat Gilbert in the breastrokes, and I don’t think Rady can beat him in the 200 breastroke. Gilbert’s a big meet swimmer who hates to lose, and he’s been working his butt off all year. Lehberger was 59.9 in high school and he may improve a bit, but I don’t think it will be enough to win the event. Also, B-Cuts from Simpson and Yarger are a little ambitious in the fly events I think. Definitely a possibility, but last year Yarger didn’t improve a whole lot off of his December swim if I remember right. I see Simpson going 51 high or 52 low, Yarger a 1:56 or 1:57 if they both have great swims. I’m not sold on Horrell yet this year either-looks like he’s having an off season. I’ll be interested to see if he picks it up or not in January meets.