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@Milhouse wrote:

I concur (and Cheadle came to this conclusion Thursday night) that the Alpha Male goes to Blohm. He shattered the oldest league record and apparently came within a few chest hairs of breaking the 2nd oldest. PBG, you had a great meet, but Kurtis Blow is a legit superstar. Them’s the breaks..

I would also like to point out that with all the talk of classlessness (funny word to type) that has been going on about the meet, Kurt Blohm is a very classy guy. He was excited about his times as well as being almost as excited about my 100 back b cut as i was. The same goes for PBG who always has a smile on his face and is a great guy to swim with and against.
Combined, these 3 guys make for a very respectable group of contenders at this years ncaa’s. I wish them all the best of luck.