For the sake of all things good.....

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For the sake of all things good.....

Post by Merlin » Wed Nov 20, 2019 9:15 am

For the sake of Wise Owl of Kzoo, and the Sacred Sword of the Calvin, the Anchor of Hope, and ?Skeletor? of Olivet (not sure where this came from), and, well...not sure about Albion or Alma...for the sake of the Capital "A".....

Will people please get back to the routine of MIAA swimming talk. This old man's beard is growing bigger by the day waiting for some sort of discourse.

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Re: For the sake of all things good.....

Post by SalParadise » Sun Nov 24, 2019 2:30 pm

I'm with you, Merlin. When I tried to post a reply in chrome it doesn't work for me, though, so I had to try a different browser to post.

I'm excited for the conference meet this year, because it looks like Hope has enough going to make it less of a glorified Calvin-Albion dual meet. There will be lots of guys vying for top spots in multiple events, and I'm super excited for it. Calvin-Hope this weekend had some great races, including Iturbe out-touching Bailey Smith of Hope in the 1000, 9:58 to 9:59. Hope struck back with Boonstra and Keith going 1:44.0 and 1:44.1 in the 200 to go 1-2 against Heeres and Randall of Calvin, 1:44.7 and 1:45.7. All very fast and exciting dual meet times. The Taber Effect is as strong as ever this year for Hope.

In other news, Albion was down at Wabash for an invitational this weekend, and Fogel swam really well with some low 4:40s 500s, 1:44 200, and a 1:54 200 fly prelims swim today. Conner Robertson had a speedy 1:53.8 2 IM, and got into the 57s in the 100 breast with Huttenlocher. Of note, Huidobro, the Peruvian national record holder in the 50, 100, and 200m breaststrokes according to Wikipedia and his own Wikipedia page, is back swimming, and managed a nice 4:52 500 in prelims before falling to a 5:15 at night. Must still be getting back into shape after a few years off... still, he also managed a 52.2 100 fly and 1:55.6 prelims 200 fly. Nothing to shake a stick at.

On the women's side of things, I have a bit less to say, other than it is shaping up to be a very competitive conference meet, and pretty much a toss-up at this point.

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