2017-18 Season

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2017-18 Season

Post by wvswimfan88 » Wed Dec 13, 2017 10:35 am

Well, we've reached the semester break of the 2017-18 season without any activity on the board, so I figured that I might as well be the one to get things going. Going to give a "preview" in retrospect first and then I'll get into my mid-season thoughts in a second post. Seemed as if it would be an interesting one from the very start even based on the PAC preseason coaches' polls, which produced the following results:

2017-18 PAC Women's Swimming and Diving Preseason Coaches' Poll
(Predicted order of Championships finish)
School (first-place votes) Pts 2016-17 PAC Championships finish
1. Grove City College (5) 35 1st (of 6), 909 pts.
2. Westminster College (1) 29 2nd (of 6), 772 pts.
3. Saint Vincent College 22 3rd (of 6), 594 pts.
4. Washington & Jefferson 18 4th (of 6), 437 pts.
5. Chatham University 16 5th (of 6), 340 pts.
6. Bethany College 6 6th (of 6), 137 pts.

2017-18 PAC Men's Swimming and Diving Preseason Coaches' Poll
(Predicted order of Championships finish)
School (first-place votes) Pts 2016-17 PAC Championships finish
1. Grove City College (3) 33 2nd (of 5), 825.50 pts.
2. Westminster College (3) 32 1st (of 5), 929.50 pts.
3. Saint Vincent College 24 3rd (of 5), 598.50 pts.
4. Washington & Jefferson 17 4th (of 5), 446.50 pts.
5. Chatham University 11 Individual competitors only
6. Bethany College 9 5th (of 5), 188 pts.

On the women's side, understandable to pick Grove City to win their 10th straight conference title, but the Wolverines did lose a talented seven-member senior class including several significant scorers from the 2017 championships (Molly Gallant, Abby Jank, Megan Smith, Grace Klimek, Kristi Riesmeyer). Meanwhile, Westminster lost just three All-PAC honorees (Anne Tillie, Sarah Pace, Mikayla Morrow).

Fairly surprising that Grove City was picked ahead of three-time defending champion Westminster on the men's side and dumbfounding that someone picked Westminster third in the preseason poll. Westminster's only significant loss to graduation was Sam Angelo, and though it appeared that diver Kameron Short didn't return, there were enough additional divers on their preseason roster to easily make up those points.

Grove City certainly was on the rise last year after a disappointing 2015-16, but the Wolverines also lost some key seniors in Jeremy Kim and Josiah Vehrs to go along with the apparent early departure of Andrew Kisak. Grove City DID bring in a large freshman class, including possibly the top newcomer in the conference in Calvin Brouwer, whose long-course times would convert/project to top-8 finishes at nationals already. Michael Moosa and Jason Alexander should also be significant first-year contributors.

Saint Vincent's lack of divers and a still thin roster will continue to keep them out of the men's race, despite Jacob Davis and what appears to be a few strong freshmen (Zach Baum, John and Kevin Martin); looks like their women got at least a few strong recruits in Marion D'Aurora and Tyla Jackson, but similarly, the lack of divers and the margin that they had to overcome will probably leave them in third place on both sides.

W&J's rosters continue to remain small, but their men will remain in fourth. Chatham's women brought in possibly the top women's freshman in the league as Mallory Marzolf joins sisters Iris and Jade with the Cougars and comes in with several times (52.91 100 Free, 1:55.45 200 Free, 58.72 100 Back, 2:04.87 200 Back) that could make her a conference title contender in many events. Her presence will surely make Cougar relays better as well; I could see Chatham giving W&J a real battle for fourth overall.

Chatham has four men on it's roster this year; exciting to see coach Carter Crosby making some strides in that regard. Don't know much about them as individuals, but if they all stick with it, presumably they can at least field relays, so that's a great first step.

Bethany's men and women both remain small squads. Sarafina Wilson appears to be a solid pickup for the women's side, and Cheyne Stresky should continue to be a major impact player in several events on the men's side. Until proven otherwise, I think his presence alone gives Bethany an edge over Chatham on the men's side.

Very excited for the season to come!

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Re: 2017-18 Season

Post by wvswimfan88 » Wed Dec 13, 2017 12:14 pm

So, as I said, that last post was a "preview" in retrospect... Now we'll move on to what we've seen now that all teams have made it through their mid-season meets.

Talking about PAC Swimming and Diving, you can't help but talk about Grove City's Anne Shirley Dassow. After a stellar freshman year that saw her finish sixth and seventh at NCAA DIIIs in both butterfly events, Dassow appears even stronger this year, posting marks of 55.80 in the 100 Fly and 2:02.69 in the 200 Fly at the Calvin Invitational to rank third nationally in both events - both of which far surpassed the slowest selected time a year ago. Given the expanded women's field for NCAA DIIIs this year, her bid to Indianapolis should already be locked up, and she also ranks 1st in the conference in the 100 Free and top-five in the 200 Free, 100 Back, 200 Back, 200 IM and 400 IM.

Jacob Davis is in the midst of a breakout junior year for Saint Vincent, notching an NCAA B time of 44.85 in the 100 Free, which is faster than the 45.01 selected time from a year ago. He also ranks tops in the PAC in the 50 Free (21.11) and second in the 200 (1:42.75). Right alongside Davis in each of those three events is Westminster senior Mitch Stahara, who ranks first in the 200 Free and second to Davis in the other two sprint free events. Stahara continues to chase a number of milestones after coming up just short as a junior, primarily the conference record in the 200 Free (1:39.66) and a bid to nationals (Q-17 was 1:39.64) - it will likely require a similar time to achieve both feats, and it would be great to see him make it happen.

Following a season where newcomers made a HUGE impact on the conference standings, it seemed hard to imagine that we could see more freshmen burst onto the scene in big ways, but that very well may be the case. Here are just a few of the freshmen who have stood out the most thus far.

[*]Calvin Brouwer, Grove City - the highly-touted recruit has lived up to his billing thus far, setting new PAC records in the 500 Free (4:35.15), 1000 Free (9:35.95) and 1650 Free (15:57.87). His 1650 time surpasses the NCAA "B" standard, making him just one of two men in the league with a B-Cut thus far. He also ranks in the top five in the conference in both the 200 Free and the 400 IM

[*]Zach Baum, Saint Vincent - Owns the top time in the conference in the 100 Fly and 200 IM while ranking in the top five in four other events (50 + 100 Free, 200 Breast, 200 Fly)

[*]Mallory Marzolf, Chatham - Will be very interesting to see which events she competes at the PAC Championships, as Marzolf owns the league's top times in both backstroke and both IM events while also ranking in the top three in the 100 Free, 200 Free and 100 Fly. I think her best shots at B-Cuts and a possible nationals bid could come in the 200 Back and the 400 IM.

[*]Marion D'Aurora, Saint Vincent - Made a big splash early when she beat Grove City's Anne Shirley Dassow in the 200 Fly during a dual meet. However, it seems that perhaps she (and perhaps other Bearcats) were rested for that meet, as she was a full three seconds slower in the 200 fly and a second slower in the 100 fly at their mid-season meet. Still ranks second in the league in the 200 Fly, third in the 100 Fly and 4th in the 1650.

[*] The best of the rest: Jason Alexander, GRO (3rd - 2BA, 4th - 1BA); Roody D'Agaro, WES (3rd - 4IM, 5th - 2FL); John Martin, SVC (top-9, 1BR, 2BR, 2IM); Kevin Martin, SVC (Top-8, 1650, 500 Free, 400 IM); Michael Moosa, GRO (1st - 400 IM, top-9 in 100 + 200 Back, 200 + 500 Free); Nyna Hess, WES (top 9, 1 BA, 2BA, 2IM, 4IM); Denali Hutzelmann, GRO (top-10, 1BA, 2BA, 1FL, 100 + 200 Free, 1650); Emily McAfee, GRO (3rd - 50 Free, top-10 in 100 and 200).

Some other random points of note: Westminster senior Megan Douds appears to have traded the 100 Fly, an event in which she was conference champ in both 2015 and 2016, for the 1650. Also was interesting to me that the Titans' defending conference champ Matt Kwalick didn't swim the 400 IM "tapered/rested" at Wooster.

If you've never checked out Kevin Hallman's Swimulator, it's a pretty neat tool (https://swimulator.herokuapp.com). It certainly has its flaws - divers aren't factored in at all, so it automatically determines the top-18 scoring swimmers for each team, and it also doesn't factor in the fact that a swimmer can only count on four relays. It also doesn't have true predictive ability; it simply shows how things would score out based on current best times for each individual in each event. However, it gets us in the ballpark, and here is how it projects the PAC Championships to play out:

Grove City 819
Saint Vincent 663
Westminster 634
Chatham 405
W&J 219
Bethany 92

Westminster 846
Grove City 781
Saint Vincent 666
Bethany 181
W&J 180
Chatham 162

Biggest factors that will alter this:
1) Inclusion of divers - both Grove City and Westminster appear to be able to fully fill three diver slots but don't seem to have enough to validate using three divers for a second swimmer slot on both sides. That alone will vault the Titan women ahead of Saint Vincent in what should be an even competition in the pool, and it should create a separation that makes the men's race a two-team affair between the Titans and Wolverines.
2) No midseason meets for W&J, Bethany - Certainly this is a bigger factor for W&J. There's zero doubt in my mind that W&J will finish fourth on the men's side and will be much closer to Chatham, if not even with them, on the women's side. The biggest question always is this: from whom will W&J "steal" the most points? On the men's side, can they steal enough from Westminster to give Grove City a chance? Or from both Grove City and Westminster to bring Saint Vincent into the race? On the women's side, it could very much determine who is second or third between Westminster and Saint Vincent.
3) Historic trends of improvement from midseason to PAC Championships: This one favors Grove City. Of the teams who compete a midseason "partial-rest/partial-taper" meet, historically Grove City has seen greater time improvements on the whole from midseason times to their times at PACs. Certainly this doesn't mean that every single Grove City swimmer will improve more than every single Westminster or Saint Vincent swimmer, but could it be enough on the men's side to make that race a nailbiter? It's possible.

Given what Grove City's women lost, I'm honestly pretty surprised to see their margin so large. Looks like they are a near-lock for their 10th straight title. On the men's side, I think that the Westminster-Grove City margin is going to be less than 40 points (honestly, I think it very much could be a single-digit victory one way or another), meaning one DQ'd relay could change everything. Can't wait to see how it all plays out.

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Re: 2017-18 Season

Post by wvswimfan88 » Mon Feb 12, 2018 6:45 pm

So, in recently looking, it appears that all four of Chatham's men quit somewhere around the semester break. A bummer for the Chatham program and Coach Crosby, who seemed to be making some strong first strides in year two of the men's program.

With those losses as well as three more from W&J's already small roster and one from Saint Vincent, the men's side of the conference is guaranteed to be at least 18 splashes short of full in the individual events, and likely far more, since there's never a perfectly spread distribution.

Without a lot of time looking at the numbers, I tend to think that this favors Westminster more than Grove City. Both teams have a similar number of "top-tier" swimmers; however, Westminster's second tier is a bit larger than Grove City's, but Grove City's lower third of their scoring roster is stronger than Westminster's. A less full meet helps those lower-third swimmers for Westminster score more points.

Nonetheless, excited to see how it all unfolds. Championship week is here!

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Re: 2017-18 Season

Post by wvswimfan88 » Tue Feb 13, 2018 11:26 pm

Psych Sheet for the Championships is up!

http://sidearm.sites.s3.amazonaws.com/p ... tm?id=2997

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Re: 2017-18 Season

Post by weedwacker2000 » Tue Feb 20, 2018 11:05 pm

Great swimming and diving all around!! Many pool and conference records shattered at the conference meet just completed.

For wvswimfan88: Anyway your predictions were amazingly accurate. The Titan men by just 5 points. I believe that was the closest victory results that I can remember at PACs. Recruiting Conner May for diving helped give Westminster the edge for this meet.
However I think giving Dave Fritz the swimming coach of the year award was a very good call. The Grove City men's swimmers came through, and overall swam better than Westminster's men. I counted a total of 40 GCC swims in the championship finals versus 34 for WC. This is just a hunch, but perhaps for this year a weakened W&J men's team helped out Grove City more so than Westminster.

I doubt any relays will go to Nationals this year. So it will be interesting to see what Anne Shirley Dassow, Calvin Brouwer, Jacob Davis and Conner May (providing he qualifies at Regionals) will accomplish at Indianapolis in March.

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Re: 2017-18 Season

Post by PACswimmingnerd » Thu Feb 22, 2018 10:30 pm

Great analysis through the season, wvswimfan. You did swim nerds here proud.

You were right on in your predictions. 5 points for WC men over GCC! Crazy meet.

After prelims on Saturday, I wasn't sure if WC could pull out the W. But, diving was incredible for them, Heath Calhoun has built a great program that will hopefully continue to rack up points for them and gain national recognition.

GCC Women performed very well. WC women did well too but SVC was surprisingly deep as well as fast.

Great meet by everyone! Couple things I want to point out:

- Saint Vincent was incredible across the board. If they could get more depth and a good diving team, they could be a contender for the title in the future. If their guys get two great freshman sprinters next year, they could take their 200 Free relay to nationals.

- Zach Baum! Really impressive freshman campaign. PAC Record in the 100 fly as well as 20.6, 46.4, and 1:53's in the 200 IM and 200 Fly.

- Nobody seems to be talking about the fact that CHATHAM won the 400 Free Relay! That was awesome. Good for them!

- Speaking of Chatham, Mallory Marzolf of Chatham was on fire. Three PAC titles! Hopefully that will gather momentum for Chathams program.

- Anne Dassow was really fast, as expected.

- Jacob Davis performed exceptionally well. (20.2, 44.3, 1:39..very fast). Hopefully can pull out some All-American swims at NCAA's if he shows up.

- Calvin Brouwer...very fast distance events. NCAA bound probably in the mile.

- Westminster men generally fell kinda flat.
Seemingly missed tapers? Not many great swims other than from Matthew Bogen and Aaron Dunlany. Luke Simmons did pretty well too. Stahara sadly couldn't break 1:40 in his senior year.
Their divers were phenomenal however! Hopefully Connor May will do well at regionals and get an All-American status this year.

- Grove City men swam incredibly well.
Fritz prepared them right for this meet. Other than Rhys Dickhudt and Brett Gwynn, their swims were off maybe due to missed tapers or injury. Also, Ben Slate wasn't nearly as fast as last year. Perhaps because he's already 21? Must be hard to be a college swimmer sophomore at 21. Many seniors finish competition at that age. Missed taper or injury for him as well perhaps? Their underclassmen did very very well though!

- Nothing notable about W&J or Bethany. Well, Cheyne Stresky did very well for himself.

Anyways, good call on Fritz being the Swimming Coach of the year. GCC outswam them and outsmarted them in many events. If not for diving, there would have been different headlines on Saturday night.
All in all, great meet. Congrats to WC Men on a perfect four years for the senior class and upsetting Grove City after they were picked first in the preseason. Congrats to the Grove City women for ten in a row...thats pretty nuts.

My only hope is that this meet can become deeper over the next couple years. It's sad to see how far it's fallen since the AMCC left. It's just getting worse with the decline of W&J. Hopefully Orstein's retirement will open the door for a new enthusiastic coach to take over and hopefully turn that program around. Hopefully Bethany and Chatham can get good classes. I thought Chatham was gonna get a jump start, but then their swimmers fell off the radar. The meet is not as much about depth anymore as it is just trying to outlast the other teams and put kids where the event is weaker. Seriously, most events on the men's side weren't even filled. That's sad. The lowest place in all of the events was so slow, it's hard to believe you're watching a collegiate conference championship.

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Re: 2017-18 Season

Post by wvswimfan88 » Fri Mar 02, 2018 1:31 am

PACswimmingnerd and weedwacker2000 - thanks for the compliments. Nothing that can't be done with a little free time and a few years of seeing team trends.

Watched the championships fully as they happened, but have been a little busy since then, so I've not been able to give time to a proper recap of the meet until now.

I'll start with the women's race. At the top, Grove City wins by a large margin that would have been even bigger had they not DQd a relay that they would have won without the early takeoff (and boy was it early - a no-doubter even for someone watching the live feed), but I know that they were going for a qualifying time in that one.

On the team side, the biggest surprise (to me) was Saint Vincent overtaking Westminster for second place. When you consider that Westminster had a 98-point cushion from diving, Saint Vincent outscored the Titans in the swimming events by 120 points! Maddie Bartrug and Kelly Kramer were unsurprisingly strong for the Bearcats, Marion D'Aurora proved to be the league's second best freshman on the women's side (though also proved that the Bearcats rested for the Grove City meet, which I mentioned in my season review post), and Ciara Lewis had a strong meet as those four led the SVC charge.

As PACswimmingnerd mentioned, great stuff from Chatham - the addition of Mallory Marzolf alongside her sisters, Mikita, and Ream gives them a strong nucleus on which Coach Crosby can build. Admittedly, I thought Marzolf would be a bit quicker and at least get one B-Cut if not more, but hard to take away from the fact that she did win three PAC titles. As for the 400 Free Relay, also a great step getting that first one. Both Grove City and Chatham were going to be able to put together four strong relays based on their rosters (Grove City was on track to be able to go 5-for-5 until Emily McAfee presumably quit midseason), and Chatham took advantage of that.

And then there's Grove City. Anne Shirley Dassow did Anne Shirley Dassow things in the pool. Was intrigued to see what her third event would be, and then she goes and wins the 50 free (just .01 off the B-Cut). Truly think that she could win any event in the conference if she trained for it. Megan Crutcher made major drops from last year, especially in the 200 Breast, to win both with B-Cuts, and Britt Byer, though just a touch slower than last year, continued to be a strong third piece for the Wolverines. A few key swimmers appeared to be off (Hutzelmann, Ledyard), but not enough to make much of a dent in offsetting Grove City's unmatched depth in a depleted league.

Several thoughts on the men's side before I get to the Grove City-Westminster tight battle.

Agreeing with the above, SVC was about as good as they could be. Building on the midseason, Jacob Davis continued the breakthrough year that I think we all hoped he could have for someone who is 6'7." Can't wait to see what he can do at nationals, as he should have a shot at Top-8 in both the 50 and 100 and at least an outside shot of getting into that B-Final in the 200. Having an SVC athlete get there for the first time in program history is a huge accomplishment in itself. Baum was even better than I expected him to be, though this perhaps was a touch exaggerated by the fact that some of his biggest competitors in both the 200 IM and 200 Fly underperformed. That 100 Fly was stellar, though, and if he can make even close to the strides Davis made, he'll make NCAAs during his career.

Stresky had a great meet for Bethany, coming along as the surprise winner in the 200 Back and surprise runner-up in the 100 Back; I've continued to hope that Bethany could use his ability as a recruiting tool to get even a few more adequate swimmers around him.

Now as for Westminster, Grove City, a lot of my thoughts will be integrated. Westminster swam right about as well as I expected, for the most part. I was really hoping that Stahara would finally break through that 1:40 barrier, perhaps to even take down Caleb Courage's conference record mark of 1:39.60, and it seemed that he was poised to finally do it, but, just like last year, he couldn't make it happen. Was bummed for him. Many other places where the Titans underperformed. Stresky won the 200 Back title after Peffer was more than 1.5 seconds slower than his winning time from last year, multiple-time former conference champ Kolesar couldn't manage above a fifth-place finish, and, while I didn't expect Stahara to beat Davis in the 100 or Brouwer in the 500, I DID expect him to win the 200 and finish second in the other two. As you said, Simmons and Dunlany (12 seconds off his 1650 from last year, but very strong in the 200 Fly and 500 Free) were good. Kwalick was solid, and did win the 400 IM, but was no faster than last year - even a 0.5-second improvement from last year would have given him the win over Baum.

Grove City was strong in many many places but unfortunately fell flat in a few of the most important. Brouwer was great in winning his two events, and if he can figure out a strong third could be a future conference MVP (admittedly will have to fight Baum for that through his career), and Dane Hoselton added enough endurance to his backstroke speed to make a run for it in the 200 Back. Wasn't too far off getting to NCAAs in the 100 Back, though he always seems to put his best time on the front of the 400 Medley Relay rather than in the open. Josh Wakefield had a great meet for the Wolverines (2nd 50, top-4 both flys), and a lot of Grove City's depth reached its potential to outperform a lot of Westminster's depth. However, as you said, PACSwimmernerd, Gwynn, Dickhudt, and Slate either missed tapers or were just off, and newcomers Michael Moosa and Jason Alexander were both underwhelming compared to their seeds as well (though Alexander did go from unseeded to Top-8 in the 2IM...then was flat in both backstrokes). Gwynn was a full second slower in the 100 Fly than last year; Slate was a second slower in the 100 Breast and two slower in both the 200 Breast and 200 IM. However, due to improvements by teammates, neither of their dropoffs really cost much in the team score. Dickhudt and Moosa had two swims in particular, both on the final day, that were critical in allowing Westminster to slip back ahead. Moosa fell from the 4-seed in the 200 Back to the B-Final (a swing of 6-7 points) and Dickhudt went from being the top seed in the 200 Fly by 3.5 seconds to finishing third behind Baum and Westminster's Dunlany (a 5-point swing).

The other unfortunate thing about the Grove City swimmers who were off was the fact that they all had an impact on their 2 Med Relay, which may have had an outside shot of making nationals if Hoselton, Slate, Gwynn and Dickhudt had all been on. Unfortunately, 3 of 4 were not, so it wasn't even a question.

Grove City did indeed outSWIM Westminster, as the Titans outscored the Wolverines 101-80 in diving. Kudos to Coach Heath Calhoun in getting in total studs in Connor May and Zack Thomas, as they were the difference makers. Having watched (nearly) all of the diving, I would be surprised if May doesn't make nationals this year (if he doesn't, he'll be first or second out, as I know it's a strong diving region). If Thomas can improve his difficulty, he'll join May in fighting for nationals spots. Thomas is a much cleaner diver than Skoric from W&J, but Skoric's DD gave him the edge on 3M.

Speaking of W&J, wow. Just wow. Pretty pathetic, to be honest. Outside of Alexis Glenn on the women's side and Skoric in diving, very little to speak about. What in the world happened to Chloe Magyari? Was on the Psych Sheet for the Championships but then didn't show? Orstein did a lot of great for the program and is a very nice guy, but part of me can't help but wonder if the timing of his retirement wasn't 100% voluntary. As strong as W&J is athletically on the whole and as an institution, to only field six athletes in your men's program and only a few more in the women's side is inexcusable. As for their impact on the men's race, I haven't done enough research yet to see whether it (by projection) helped Grove City or Westminster more. Will do that when I get the chance.

The final tidbit? Grove City made the most of the Kenyon Fast Chance meet once again, as Brouwer dropped four seconds off his mile time (still would have been in, but moved him from 16th to 13th, a place you feel much more sure about) and their women's 200 Medley Relay (Dassow, Crutcher, Ledyard, Byer) squeaked into the 20th and final spot with a 1:44.95. Will be interesting to see if they keep that order for nationals (with Dassow off her best stroke) - conceivably, they could go Byer, Crutcher, Dassow, Ledyard as well - and I'm sure Coach Fritz will keep all options at hand.

Dassow is the #2 seed in the 200 Fly, even closer to #1 than she was last year, and the #4-seed in the 100 Fly. Could we see a national champ this year? I think it's possible. She's swimming the 200 Back as her third event once again this year; unfortunate that two of her next strongest events fall in bad places in the 4-day format (50 is right before the 200 Medley Relay, 100 Back is right after the 200 Fly). I think she would be great in the 400 IM, but it's also right before the 100 Fly; perhaps next year she'll give the 200 IM a go.

With those five and Davis from SVC, the PAC already has its largest contingent headed to nationals in several years, and May could make it a seventh PAC athlete if he can get out of the regional this weekend. With Davis being the first from SVC to make it to nationals, it's hard to say how he will re-taper, but hopefully well; Grove City's athletes have a pretty strong track record of dropping time at nationals; if that happens, I think we could see as many as 10 scoring finishes from the conference at NCAAs (Dassow 100 Fly, 200 Fly, Brouwer 1650, 500, Davis 50, 100, 200, GC 2Med, May 1M, 3M), which would be pretty incredible. Regardless, it's gonna be a lot of fun to watch.

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Re: 2017-18 Season

Post by wvswimfan88 » Fri Mar 02, 2018 8:01 pm

Well, if you didn't see, Connor May won the Region 4 Men's 3-Meter this afternoon, guaranteeing his spot to nationals. Watching him compete at PACs, I could tell that he was clearly good enough to make nationals, and I was pretty sure that he was good enough to be a solid scorer there (at least Top 12), but winning the region only confirms that and puts him even in the national champion conversation. The runner-up to May today was Geneseo's Samuel Randall, who was seventh on 3-Meter at nationals last year. Six of last year's Top 8 graduated, with only CMS's Kendall Hollimon (who won his region today) ahead of Randall last year at NCAAs (he was 4th). Will be exciting to see what he does on 1-Meter!

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Re: 2017-18 Season

Post by wvswimfan88 » Wed Sep 26, 2018 6:13 pm

Well, as we are just a few weeks away from the start of competition in the 2018-19 season, I figured I'd wrap up the 2017-18 season by saying a big congrats to Grove City's Anne Shirley Dassow on winning the DIII title in the 200 Fly and taking second in the 100 Fly! Great to have another national champion from the PAC! Congrats also to Westminster's Connor May on taking 5th in 3-Meter Diving and 14th in 1-Meter, to Jacob Davis on his 7th-place finish in the 100 for SVC's first ever swimming All-American, and to GCC's Calvin Brouwer for taking 10th in the 1650!

By far this is the best showing for the PAC on the national scene in some time - for sure since the 2013 Championships and the end of the run of Palumbo/Ryan/Riesmeyer and others for the GCC women and the best from an individual events perspective since 2009 (Grove City women did most of their damage in relays - certainly don't want to diminish that, but just to distinguish the two). I've not been around the conference long enough to know - when was the last time that we had three distinct schools even represent the PAC at nationals, much less to earn All-America honors? Pretty cool if you ask me.

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Re: 2017-18 Season

Post by Elroy Jetson » Wed Sep 26, 2018 11:58 pm

Agreed - great season for the PAC last year. To answer your question - the best year for the conference would probably have been the 2006-07 season when Tim Whitbeck and Caleb Courage from Grove City both won national titles in the 50 and 100 free respectively, Ryan Trunk from Westminster was the runner up in the 100 free, and Kaitlyn Orstein from W&J was winning multiple national titles. I can't remember if W&J's women had relays at that meet, but both Grove City and Westminster did.

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Re: 2017-18 Season

Post by wvswimfan88 » Thu Sep 27, 2018 7:13 pm

Thanks, Elroy. I remembered Turk and Westminster having their run and also knew that Orstein had her streak of dominance, too, but for whatever reason I couldn't connect when the overlap was (and didn't invest the time to research).

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