2016 Championship in Review/2017 Predictions

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2016 Championship in Review/2017 Predictions

Post by PACswimmingnerd » Fri Jun 17, 2016 1:01 am

This page has been dark for too long, it’s time for another swim nerd to step up to the blocks.

EDIT: We discuss the womens' meet in the comments below the post! :D

With a pretty exceptional year in Division III Swimming, things are looking up! Let’s take a look back at the 2015-2016 PAC Championship Meet. Each team analysis will consist of five items:
1) Performance by placements at the PAC meet, by event.
2) Standout Performances
3) Who they lost to graduation
4) Incoming Freshmen/New Additions
5) Closing comments and predictions for next season

NOTE: This post will be updated as I find out schools’ incoming recruits. I can only write about the ones I know of. If you have any information about incoming PAC recruits, email me at pacswimnerd@gmail.com, it also helps if they commit on collegeswimming.com!

ALSO NOTE: The predictions will be subject to change as recruits are revealed, and you can never truly tell what’s going to happen next season when making observations in the summer. Nothing truly matters until Championship Season anyways! :)

Bethany College (5th)
200 Free Relay 4
500 Free 2
200 IM -
50 Free -
400 Medley Relay 5
200 Medley Relay 6
400 IM 13
100 Fly -
200 Free 12
100 Breast 11
100 Back 4
800 Free Relay 6
1650 Free 5, 13
200 Back 2, 14
100 Free -
200 Breast 14
200 Fly -
400 Free Relay 6

2) Standout Performances:
The clear standout on this team is the versatile Freshman Cheyne Stresky. Coming in, he already had fairly competitive times in the PAC, but he certainly got better with his first year of college. After coming out of nowhere and going under 4:50 in the 500 at a dual meet close to PAC’s, everybody was expecting some good swims from him. He certainly delivered, going a blistering 4:40.55 in prelims to rally during the finals and out touch defending champ Jeremy Kim of Grove City to earn a runner up finish. Not only did he do that, but also had some surprising splits in the relays; delivering a 20.70 split in the 200 Free Relay as well as a 46.87 in the 400 Free Relay. Not to mention he is a talented backstroker, placing 4th and 2nd in the 100 and 200 Backstrokes respectively. It will be exciting to see what he’ll do in the next three years.

3) Losses to Graduation:
Jeremy Starr: 5th- 200 Free Relay, 5th- 400 Medley Relay (Fly leg), 6th- 200 Medley Relay (Fly leg), 6th- 400 Free Relay

4) Incoming Freshmen/New Additions: None that I know of yet.

5) Closing Comments/Predictions:
With Cheyne Stresky having such a great year, hopefully more kids will choose Bethany to further their education and athletic careers. Maybe the team can be more of a force in the PAC in the years to come, but odds are it will take a while. It would always be great to have more depth and competition in the conference! I don’t see them moving up on the totem pole as it stands right now, but that is subject to change.

Chatham University (6th)

- Chatham has one male swimmer, who didn’t necessarily stand out in the PAC. However, the university recently hired a talented and respected coach, Carter Crosby. He is credited with the success of the sprint and middle groups at the University of Pittsburgh recently, so that should be some great incentive to join this team! I could see him turning this program into something good in the next couple years if they can get the recruiting down.

Grove City College (3rd)

200 Free Relay DQ
500 Free 3,11
200 IM 4, 9
50 Free 2, 7, 8, 9, 12
400 Medley Relay 1
200 Medley Relay 2
400 IM 11, 16
100 Fly 2, 3, 7, 9, 10
200 Free 6, 13
100 Breast 9
100 Back 5, 9, 10, 12, 13
800 Free Relay 2
1650 Free 16
200 Back 10, 12, 15, 16
100 Free 9, 10, 11, 12
200 Breast 5, 13
200 Fly 1, 4, 6
400 Free Relay 3

2) Standout Performances:
Freshman Rhys Dickhudt had a pretty solid season, placing well in the Fly events and getting a Top 16 in the 500 as well. Also had a very nice 21.28 split on their DQ’d 200 Free Relay. Similarly, Freshman Dane Hoselton placed very well in the 200 IM, 100 Back, had a Top 16 in the 200 Back. Junior Jeremy Kim is always solid in the 200 Fly. He seems to have had a bad year, literally having to be carried out of the pool by his teammates after winning the 200 Fly. I’m sure he will be ready and hungry next season. Senior Jordan Dehli was always great at sprinting, so it’s no surprise he did well in his signature 50 event and placed top 16 in the 100.

3) Losses to Graduation:
Timothy Bergquist: 1st- 400 Medley Relay (Breast leg), 11th- 400 IM, 9th- 100 Breast, 5th- 200 Breast
Josh Blasdell: 9th- 100 Fly, 9th- 100 Back
Jordan Dehli: 2nd- 50 Free, 2nd- 200 Medley Relay (Free Leg), 12th- 100 Back, 12th- 100 Free, 3rd- 400 Free Relay
Nick Wargo: 9th- 200 IM, 6th- 400 IM, 13th- 200 Breast

4) Incoming Freshmen/New Additions:
Benjamin Slate (100 Breast: 57.24, 200 Breast: 2:06.33, 200 IM: 1:56.80): Pfafftown, NC
This guy is an incredible recruit for GCC, he already can win both breastroke events with the graduation of Westminster’s Matthew Baurle and W&J’s Kevin Dunigan. He also has a very solid 200 IM time. Considering all goes well throughout the year, he will certainly help Grove City be a formidable force in the PAC again.

5) Closing Comments/Predictions:
They definitely are losing some needed depth with their graduates. Their incoming class is already starting out on the right foot! They are likely to regain the runner-up position next year. However, barring any more exceptional recruits, I don’t see much changing for them.

Saint Vincent College (4th)
200 Free Relay 1
500 Free 5, 15
200 IM 2, 11, 14
50 Free 4, 10
400 Medley Relay 3
200 Medley Relay 4
400 IM 7, 9, 15
100 Fly 4, 12
200 Free 4, 8
100 Breast 6, 8, 10, 13, 15, 16
100 Back 6, 8, 15
800 Free Relay 3
1650 Free 1, 3, 8, 9, 12
200 Back 13
100 Free 2, 3, 13
200 Breast 7, 11, 12, 15, 16
200 Fly 7, 8
400 Free Relay 2

2) Standout Performances:
A clear standout on the SVC team is Freshman Jacob Davis. He placed 2nd in the 100 Free with a 46.38 (breaking Zach Ligus’s school record by .06) and placed top 8 in the 50. He also swam well in the 100 backstroke, earning 6th. It will definitely be exciting to see what he does next year. Another standout was Sophomore Alex Bolen. Bolen is very versatile in the Freestyle events; he can handily win the mile and still split a 20.83 in the 200 Free Relay. However, this year he seemed to struggle with the distances in between those two events: for splitting a 20.40 last year in the 200 Free Relay (the fastest split at the meet), his best 100 split is a 47.63 from last year’s 400 Free Relay. His best 200 is a 1:43.73, but didn’t quite get down to that this year, going a 1:44.90. Hopefully he can tune those two events up, it would be great to see him do well in those events too. The final standout was Sophomore Matt Tashima in the SVC relays and 100 Free. He definitely steps up when it comes to relays: despite his best flat-start 50 time being a 21.96 from last year’s meet, he went a 21.13 on the third leg of the 200 Free Relay. Similarly, his best flat start 100 is a 47.68 from the final day of the meet this season, and yet dropped a full second in the relay with a 46.67, moving their relay 2.5 seconds ahead of Westminster.

3) Losses to Graduation:
Matt Crum: 15th- 500 Free, 8th- 200 Free, 3rd- 800 Free Relay, 3rd- 1650 Free
Chad Linebaugh: No championship points scored
Nick Patton: 16th- 100 Breast, 16th- 200 Breast
Allen Sant: 13th- 100 Free

4) Incoming Freshmen/New Additions:
I have heard rumors of Kyle Garase coming back for his final year of eligibility, he would add decent depth to the Fly crew. Also, if freshman Alek Kraft is able to swim next semester, he would add some depth in the middle-distance Free events. It seems like his coach had him train for the Fly, Back, and IM events rather than his much better middle distance events (according to collegeswimming.com), not sure why. Perhaps because of the lack in Top 16 depth across the 200 Fly, 200 Back, and 200 IM? Other than those possible returners, I do not know of any incoming freshmen.

5) Closing Comments/Predictions:
I, along with many others, initially envisioned SVC claiming the runner up spot at the PAC Championship this season. Maybe just because they beat Grove City in their dual met, however it is early in the season when they face off, and GCC is a championship team. However, due to what seems like a missed taper (for some) and an overall lack of depth up top, they fell pretty flat of the mark. They definitely had some great performances though! Their sprinting squad is up there. With Tashima stepping up when it comes to relays, things could have gone either way for the 200 and 400 Free Relays with both teams, as they were pretty evenly matched. I have heard rumors that their Head Coach Josh Gurekovich sought after the open head coach position at a rival PAC school and his alma mater, Westminster. That seemed to have reverberated negatively on the SVC team, and they might have lost their assistant coach. I’m afraid that their coaching situation may have steered potential athletes away…how could Gurekovich have effectively recruited athletes to come to his school when he seemingly wanted to jump ship? Hopefully they can overcome this, because they have a talented and young team that given a good recruiting class may be able to do some damage next season.

Washington and Jefferson College (2nd)
200 Free Relay 3
500 Free 10, 14
200 IM 3, 6, 8, 15
50 Free 3, 15
400 Medley Relay 2
200 Medley Relay 3
400 IM 3, 5
100 Fly 13, 14, 16
200 Free 7, 9
100 Breast 2
100 Back 3, 7
800 Free Relay 4
1650 Free 4, 7
200 Back 4, 5, 11
100 Free 8, 14
200 Breast 2
200 Fly 5, 12, 14
400 Free Relay

2) Standout Performances:
Senior Kevin Dunigan had an absolutely spectacular meet, though he was overshadowed by Westminster’s Matthew Baurle, he hit some great times. Other than that, some of the freshmen had standout swims: Jack King in the 400 IM and Tyler Willison in the mid-distance freestyles. Junior Nicholas Willison always has some great times, this year doing well in the 50 Free and both Backstroke events, while contributing to some relays. Overall, they had pretty decent depth and huge scorers like Josh Vasko (Diving) and Dunigan that led to their runner-up finish.
3) Losses to Graduation:
Kevin Dunigan: 3rd- 200 Free Relay, 3rd- 200 IM, 2nd- 400 Medley Relay, 2nd- 100 Breast, 2nd- 200 Breast, 5th- 400 Free Relay
Collin Higgins: 15th- 200 IM, 16th- 100 Fly, 12th- 200 Fly
Benjamin McGrath: No championship points scored

4) Incoming Freshmen/New Additions: None that I know of yet.

5) Closing Comments/Predictions:
W&J has always been the definition of a taper team. They get absolutely pummeled in the regular season (because it overlaps briefly with water polo season, and many swimmers are also on that team), but always pull off a great conference meet. Also a large portion of their success can be accredited to their diving squad who take up most of the top spots in diving. With the loss of Kevin Dunigan, W&J will have one serious gap to fill that scored them a boat load of points. Unless they recruit a great breastroker or a gigantic, talented class they can’t hope to do nearly as well next year.

Westminster College (Champions)
200 Free Relay 2
500 Free 1, 4, 9, 12, 13
200 IM 5, 7, 13
50 Free 1, 5, 11, 13, 14
400 Medley Relay DQ
200 Medley Relay 1
400 IM 2, 4, 8, 12
100 Fly 1, 5
200 Free 1, 2, 3, 14
100 Breast 1, 3, 4
100 Back 1, 2, 16
800 Free Relay 1
1650 Free 2, 6, 11
200 Back 1, 7, 9
100 Free 1, 4, 5, 7
200 Breast 1, 3, 4
200 Fly 3, 9, 16
400 Free Relay 1

2) Standout Performances:
There are almost too many great performances here to point out here. Let’s begin with the obvious: Senior Matt Baurle absolutely wrecked the competition and both PAC records in the 100 and 200 Breastrokes, while punching his ticket to NCAA’s with a 55.61 and 2:01.57. Also, Senior Adam Smale jumped the gun by breaking one minute for the first time in the 100 Breast- just to skip 59 completely and go to a 58.83 in a time trial. He ended up performing very well, being able to secure third in both breastroke events and 4th in the 400 IM. Austin Karper added to the backstroke depth, placing 2nd in the 100 Back, top 8 in the 200 Back, top 16 in the 500 Free, and being the lead off leg in the 200 medley. In addition, a slew of WC freshmen did extremely well in their first conference meet. Michael Spencer secured first in the 50 free, 5th in the 100 Free, and 5th in the 100 Fly, while also performing well in the 200 and 400 Free Relays and being a quick anchor on the Titans’ 200 Medley Relay. We should expect some more speed out of this guy in the future. Griffin Nincke performed exceptionally well, placing 3rd in the 200 Free, 2nd in the 1650 Free, 9th in the 500 Free, and was able to split well on the 200 Free Relay squad and helped the 800 Relay wreck their heat. Luke Simmons was a one man workhorse in the IM events for Westminster, and also fared well in the 200 Backstroke. A clear standout in the freshmen however was David Peffer, dropping some incredible time from all of his events this year. He was runner up in the 200 Free (going a 1:41.97, challenging his teammate and defending champ), and champion in the 100 and 200 Backstrokes, as well as a part of the winning 400 and 800 Free Relays. It will be incredibly exciting to see where he goes from here. The sophomore class also had strong showings: Brad Kolesar, traditionally a Flyer and Backstroker, ventured into the 500 and fared very well, placing 4th. Kolesar also won the 100 Fly, placed third in the 200 Fly, and swam the Fly leg on the winning 200 Medley Relay. Daniel Bogen performed well, placing top 8 in both the 50 and 100 Frees, while contributing to the 200, 400, and 800 Free Relays. Another stellar performance was by Mitch Stahara – he won all three of his individual events (100, 200, and 500 Frees), while splitting a solid 20.97 in the 200 Free Relay and anchoring the 400 Free Relay in a wicked 45.37 to come from 2.5 seconds behind and out touch Saint Vincent by one tenth of a second. However, he did DQ the would-be winning 400 Medley Relay and didn’t perform quite as well as his mid-season times would have projected.
Side Note: It is worth mentioning that Sophomore Scott Morosetti had some good swims this year as well, splitting 47.77 (with a best flat start time of 48.76 at the time) in WC’s 400 Free Relay at their mid-season invite. He might be someone to look out for in the future.

3) Losses to Graduation:
Matthew Baurle: 1st- 100 Breast, 1st- 200 Breast, 1st- 200 Medley Relay (Breast), 7th- 200 IM
Kyle Daly: No championship points scored
Max Hague: No championship points scored
Austin Karper: 12th- 500 Free, 1st- 200 Medley Relay (Back), 2nd- 100 Back, 7th- 200 Back
Jimmy Newman: 13th- 200 IM, 8th- 400 IM, 9th- 200 Fly
Adam Smale: 3rd- 100 Breast, 3rd- 200 Breast, 4th- 400 IM

4) Incoming Freshmen/New Additions:
Thomas Somora (100 Breast: 58.83, 200 Breast: 2:11.31, 200 IM: 1:57.81) Grove City, PA
Thomas definitely helps fill the gap with Matt Baurle’s departure. He’s a far cry away from Baurle, and closer to current senior Sam Angelo’s times, however having more depth will always be good for them.

5) Closing Comments/Predictions:
Just looking at Westminster’s graph, they have easily the most A Final finishers, as well as the best relay placings (besides the DQ of the 400 Medley- which they would’ve handily won by almost ten seconds otherwise), and the most champions. I don’t see that changing much next year. The majority of their firepower will be in sophomores, juniors, and hopefully freshman classes; and with only one senior (who is one of their best breastrokers), they’re pretty much set up for success. Also their new Head Coach Pat Smith will probably do them some good with a fresh outlook on training them. Honestly, barring any extreme circumstances, these guys are probably going to be on top next year as well. They want more championships under their belts, and they’re not going to let the departure of the talented senior class be anything else but a minor speed bump. It will be exciting to see if they can extend a lead past 300 points next year, or will it be closer? Again, this sport is weird, and you never truly know until after the fact.

That’s all I have, folks.
If you agree or disagree with anything, let me know! Let’s talk about it.
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Re: 2016 Championship in Review/2017 Predictions (Men)

Post by Elroy Jetson » Mon Sep 05, 2016 10:09 am

Just checked to see if any rosters were up. So far only Westminster's men (oddly the women weren't posted yet). Here's what was listed for freshmen:
Matthew Bogen (brother of Dan), Canfield, OH
Alex Bowes, Mercyhurst Prep, PA
Connor Carbonneau, Windham, NH
Aaron Dunlany, Boardman, OH
Matt Kwalick, Quaker Valley
John Morton, Moon Area, PA
Matt Olson, Twinsburg, OH
Thomas Somora, Grove City, PA

Looks like Joey Spurio, Dan Pletz, Logan Gearhart, and Nathan Kern are back on the team after a year off. Otherwise, everyone who was on last year's team that didn't graduate is on this year's roster for a total of 26 guys. That's a bigger team than usual for Westminster.

I don't see the men's meet being all that interesting. Westminster comes into this year with too much of a lead from last for anyone to catch them, and even without looking up these freshmen, if Pletz and Kern are really back they might score more than they did last year (Kern makes two divers where they only had one last year). I've heard Grove City got a lot of freshmen, but the gap is too big for them to make up - I see them being second. I've heard St Vincent got a small class, and since W&J didn't lose anything to graduation beyond Dunigan I put W&J third, St. Vincent fourth, Bethany fifth, and whatever Chatham brings to the meet sixth.

I'm probably more interested in the women's meet. Grove City graduated quite a bit compared to St Vincent (who graduated no one) and Westminster. If Grove City doesn't have a decent group of freshmen St Vincent will easily pass them. If Westminster's women's class is the same size as their men they might pass Grove City as well. Considering all the variables I don't know what order to put those three. I'd love to see your analysis of the women's meet.

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Re: 2016 Championship in Review/2017 Predictions (Men)

Post by Elroy Jetson » Wed Sep 07, 2016 12:14 am

I noticed a couple updated freshmen on collegeswimming.com:
Grove City Men:
Ashton Pietroboni
Joshua Weinland

Grove City Women:
Leona Bently
Anne Dassow
Kimberly Wendelschaefer
Brittany Byer
Danielle Ledyard
Kaylyn Froebel

St. Vincent Women:
Skylar Piper

I was surprised there were so many Grove City updates. Some of Westminster's men were listed too, but since I put them in my previous post I didn't list them again.

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Re: 2016 Championship in Review/2017 Predictions (Men)

Post by PACswimmingnerd » Sun Sep 18, 2016 11:38 pm

I have heard that that Spurio, Pletz, Gearhart, and Kern are all not returning and their reappearances on the current roster are unfortunately a publication error. I suppose we'll find out after their first meet.

As for the women's meet, I completely agree; it is going to be very interesting. I'd put an early pick on either the GCC or SVC women. SVC has a very young team, and didn't graduate any PAC point scorers. Contrary to that, GCC graduated points in Bilko (60), Eckendorf(31), and Meesuk(26). Depending on first-years/transfers and taper performances (because it doesn't matter how well someone does in the entire season if they don't have a good championship meet...look at Australia's Cambell sisters during Rio), it really looks like a toss up in either direction...who wants it more? GCC looking to continue their dynasty, or SVC wanting to capture their program's first ever title? Hopefully the whole Gurekovich/WC situation didn't effect their women's team. This could be an incredible year on the womens' side.

WC has just updated the womens' roster. They graduated points in Reott(39) and Peace (12) while picking up 12 first years:
Holly Angelo (sister of Sam on the men's team), Warren OH
Amber Burrows, North Royalton OH
Kaitlyn Fast (DIVER), Wooster OH
Alyssa Hampton, Anchorage AK
Gabie Johnson, Dover-Foxcroft ME
Abby Jones (sister of Katie) , Cabot PA
Courtney Kinkead, Greensburg PA
Maggie Manolis, Jeanette PA
Caitlyn Peace (sister of last year's graduate Sara Peace), Darlington PA
Emily Russell, Bethel Park PA
Nicole Stengel, Pittsburgh PA

Depending on the talent in their large freshman class and performances by returners, the WC women could be in contention for the PAC title. I don't think believe they will be able to overcome SVC and GCC but they will help make the PAC meet more competitive. Can't wait for the season to get started soon.
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Re: 2016 Championship in Review/2017 Predictions (Men)

Post by Elroy Jetson » Mon Sep 19, 2016 9:53 am

I saw a couple other names on the Westminster women's roster I didn't recognize:
Talyn Boden, Buena Vista, PA
Carolyn Novak, Pittsburgh, PA

33 women - that's a huge roster. Even with what they lost, unless Grove City and SVC have really solid freshmen classes Westminster should be better than last year simply due to depth - the last few spots on the conference should be faster than last year

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Re: 2016 Championship in Review/2017 Predictions (Men)

Post by PACswimmingnerd » Mon Sep 19, 2016 12:13 pm

Talyn Boden was seemingly out with an injury last season and might be returning this season. Carolyn Novak seems to have transferred after spending a year at Gannon University. It will definitely be competitive to get on the right half of WC's team to score at PACs. Hopefully that will make their last spots quicker than previous years.

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Re: 2016 Championship in Review/2017 Predictions

Post by swimswamswum » Thu Sep 22, 2016 3:54 pm

Rumor around the pool deck is that a few girls from SVC are not returning and quite a few were upset over the Gurekovich/ WC situation. I would be too if my coach were snooping around the conference. I just don't see them being as strong as they were last year unless they picked up a strong freshman class.

As for Westminster, they've picked up a diver from Wooster High School, typically a strong diving power. That could definitely help the women in an area they've lacked in the past.

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Re: 2016 Championship in Review/2017 Predictions

Post by Elroy Jetson » Sat Sep 24, 2016 11:18 pm

Grove City's rosters are up:
Men - 11 freshmen (26 total):
Zach Burns, diver, Lebanon, PA
Jared Cicchelli, Middletown, RI
Clayton Cupec, Slippery Rock, PA
Caleb Miller, McMurray, PA
Paul Morrissey, diver, Waldorf, MD
David Mosco, Belle Vernon, PA
Ash Pietroboni, Oakdale, PA
Nathan Rose, Elkton, MD
Ben Slate, Pfafftown, NC
Josh Wakefield, Palmyra, PA
Josh Weinland, Massillon, OH

Women - 11 freshmen (32 total):
Elizabeth Andrews, Newburg, OR
Leona Bently, Powell, OH
Brittany Byer, Canonsburg, PA
Anne Shirley Dassow, Lookout Mountain, TN
Kaylyn Froebel, Dublin, OH
Haley Jennings, Somers, CT
Danielle Ledyard, Greensburg, PA
Abby Ross, Woodbridge, VA
Erin Schmidt, diver, Grove City, PA
Miriam Tan, diver, Norfolk, VA
Kimmi Wendelschaefer, Grove City, PA

A couple other notables - Drew Nosbisch is back after a year off. A quick scan of last year's results shows that Maddie VanDyke (top 8 in both backstrokes (3rd and 4th) and 200 IM (3rd), on 4 finals relays) is not on the women's roster. Schallus (diver) is not on the men's roster, but there's a senior diver (Anson Hadley, Marmara, NJ) that wasn't there last year.

A couple decent size classes. Based on collegeswimming's recruit posts Dassow is legit (56.9 fly), Wendelschaefer will score well (1:09.5 breast), Byer is good (24.55/53.89/1:56.33 free), Ledyard is a good sprinter (24.24/53.86 free, 59.22 fly), and Froebel should also score well (1:08.15 breast, 2:14/4:48 IM). Slate was mentioned in your earlier post - he's legit also. Otherwise, based on collegeswimming, the others that were listed weren't that impressive. Didn't look for times anywhere else though.

Just based on the bigger roster than last year Grove City's men should be better. Not sure if they brought in enough women to beat Westminster, but if the rumors about SVC are true they should hold them off.

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Re: 2016 Championship in Review/2017 Predictions

Post by PACswimmingnerd » Fri Sep 30, 2016 1:33 pm

W&J just released their 2016-2017 roster.
Freshman Men:
Jacob Beckworth, Kent OH
Brannon Boyd, Dover PA
Ian Geister, Mechanicsburg PA
Justin Jacobson, Lake Forest Ill

Nobody particularly stands out at all on the men's side. They have a small roster of only 17 guys. Lacking in depth overall, they're going to be hurting compared to last year (especially without Dunigan).

Freshman Women:
Paige Adams, Mohnton PA
Claire Atherton, Huntingdon PA
Maris Leonard, Pittsburgh PA
Chloe Magyari, Columbus OH
Jillian McElhaney, Butler PA
Victoria Metz, Pittsburgh PA
Frances Sinclair, Thousand Oaks CA
Riley Williams, Wilkes Barre PA

Chloe Magyari is a great pickup for the Presidents clocking in with great freestyle times of 24.10 and 52.67 in the 50 and 100 respectively. That's going to help them a lot.
Jillian McElhaney is also a great freestyler, going 24.64 and 54.73 in the 50 and 100 freestyles. Also, she goes a 58.31 in the 100 back, something that the lady presidents really need.
Riley Williams seems to be a good diver to add to their depth.
Other than those girls, the others don't stand out.

Their overall freshman class just adds to two facts: the girls meet is going to be awesome and the boys meet is probably going to be predictable.

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Re: 2016 Championship in Review/2017 Predictions

Post by swimswamswum » Thu Oct 20, 2016 3:25 pm

Saint Vincent's roster is up. From a quick overview, some interesting points on the women's side:

1) Kat Guevara and Casi Smith are 2 names that aren't there, both of whom were point scorers at PACs
2) Marla Turk is back after a year off. She'll make an immediate impact for the bearcats in the IM/Distance disciplines.
3) Apparently the rumors were not true; SVC didn't see a lot of girls quit and has a large roster of 26

From what I could find about their freshmen, it looks like mostly sprinters going 26/58 in the 50/100. Definitely not threatening, but SVC is always a sprint power and they could easily develop into 24/54. We'll see.

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Re: 2016 Championship in Review/2017 Predictions

Post by Elroy Jetson » Wed Oct 26, 2016 11:32 am

I'm looking forward to this weekend - all of the teams will finally be in action, with "real" competition. Per the PAC website's schedule:

Chatham Invitational - I can't ever get anything useful looking at relay meet results, so I'm using this to see how Chatham is responding to Coach Crosby's training. Specifically, Aurelia Sheehan had a solid freshman campaign especially given their coaching situation last year. I'm curious to see what she can do under Crosby

W&J at Frostburg with Alderson Broaddus - since Frostburg is a meter pool the results will be tough to decypher, but the top times list Monday will convert times. Should show us where their women are at, will they have many men there or are they still in water polo season?

Westminster hosts Penn State Behrend - women's meet won't be competitive, so I doubt we'll see anything from the lady Titans, but Behrend's men are generally decent, so the Titan men may swim some normal events and we can get a look at what they're capable of

Bethany hosts Baldwin Wallace - Bethany had a dual meet last week with Saint Vincent and I had a hard time finding the Bethany results because there were so few of them in the meet. Still, interested in seeing how Cheyne Stresky performs after an impressive freshman year

St. Vincent at Grove City - this one is by far the most interesting meet of the weekend in the PAC. St. Vincent's men won the meet the past couple years, but do they have enough firepower with only two freshmen and a smaller roster? Grove City looked strong against Allegheny last week. The Bethany-St. Vincent meet didn't reveal anything for the Bearcats so this one is a bit of a mystery. On the women's side, Grove City looked very strong against Allegheny, but St. Vincent is a little weaker than last year without Guevara, but with Turk back and 26 women on the roster could be tougher to deal with this year. Again, the relay meet and Bethany meet didn't show anything. Last year's meet was close - Grove City will likely score diving which will basically end the meet right there, so make sure to subtract diving results to see how the final compares to last year. Should be a lot of great races for both men and women

Elroy Jetson
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Re: 2016 Championship in Review/2017 Predictions

Post by Elroy Jetson » Mon Nov 07, 2016 12:55 pm

Anyone want to share their thoughts on the recent meets? Specifically, what the heck is going on with Westminster? I still believe they're the favorite on the men's side for the championships, but how do they lose to Allegheny after Grove City beats them by enough to exhibition the last couple events. The women weren't much better - they at least got the win, but it took them until the last couple events to seal it.

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Re: 2016 Championship in Review/2017 Predictions

Post by PACswimmingnerd » Wed Nov 09, 2016 1:40 pm

That's a great question. I have no clue what's going on. Most of them aren't necessarily swimming bad, there are some fast swims peppered through the last two meets. It's common for slower results especially at the beginning of the year. Perhaps they're really being beaten down at practice? Comparing some swimmer's performances to what they have done around this time in years past, they aren't in danger really, theyre pretty close if not faster than before. Westminster hasn't lost to Allegheny in a while, that must have stung. Perhaps they needed a reality check anyways. Allegheny brought in some great freshmen with Rayshon Knight (fly) and that Katchur in the breast. Sophomore Matt Nardozzi is just ridiculous in duel meets. Westminster is really feeling the hole that graduating Matt Baurle has left. They have plenty of breaststrokers who are capable in a conference meet setting but not quite in the duel meet setting like they need it now.

WC is still my pick because of depth, however. I mean look at Texas...they have lost quite handily to Indiana and NC State this year, and they are poised to be three-peat national champions. Duel meets don't necessarily judge the outcome of the championship meet by any means. You just need studs to win events in duel meets, depth isn't quite as important. Look at 2014: WC demolished Grove City at their duel meet, however GCC pulled out a victory by over 50 points due to their depth despite winning only a small handful of events compared to Westminster who won almost every event that year. Westminster still has significant star power and I am sure their depth will show soon, maybe at the Wooster Invite coming up which they might rest for as we have seen in the past.

However Grove City is absolutely lighting it up, especially on the Men's side. Dane Hoselton has almost gotten a PB in a DUEL MEET. He went .01 faster in the 100 Back than he did at PACs last year. Jeremy Kim is already under 1:50 in the 200 Free and right at 2:00 in the 200 Fly; comparing that to last year's 1:53/2:05 respectively. Brett Gwynn, Andrew Kisak, and Rhys Dickhudt are all on prime performances as well. Two 53's in the 100 Fly and a 21 high/22 low is pretty quick for right now, especially since that's also close to their best times. Ben Slate has been ripping the breaststroke events as expected. How are they all performing so well this early? USRPT methodology perhaps? If that is the case, they probably will not taper quite as well. We will see at their Calvin Invite. Only time tells!

Side note: with the AMCC gone from the PAC meet, every event has become significantly slower on the men's side. This will definitely work against Westminster and for every other PAC team because they will all definitely get more night swims because of the lack of depth. It may turn into who can get more top 8 swims and relays will be much more key.

This makes things much more exciting for sure.

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Re: 2016 Championship in Review/2017 Predictions

Post by wvswimfan88 » Thu Dec 01, 2016 12:22 am

Have browsed the board a few times over the past few years, but finally broke down and created an account to be able to post!

Excited for the second (and main) weekend of mid-season taper meets starting tomorrow with Grove City at Calvin and Westminster and Chatham at Wooster. Saint Vincent was at Franklin & Marshall the weekend before Thanksgiving. Some takeaways from that meet that I thought interesting (I'm sure the more versed swimming enthusiast might notice others):

1) Jacob Davis seems to have made the next step from freshman to sophomore. His 50 free time was solid (21.54) and better than his time at PACs last spring, as was his 100 back time of 52.16, but neither were overwhelming. However, he finally broke 46 in the 100 free with a 45.94 - just .01 off Stahara's winning time from PACs last year.

2) At this point, Saint Vincent looks as if they will challenge for titles in the freestyle relays, as they have in the past few years, but looks like they still can't quite put the pieces together in the medley relays. Both men's and women's 200 medley relays at F&M were still slower than Grove City's top dual-meet time; men's 400 medley relay was only 0.47 faster than Grove City's current flat-start aggregate and women's 3.28 faster than GCC's flat-start aggregate.

3) All in all, appears to me that SVC doesn't have quite enough pieces. They've got some very quality swimmers (Bartrug, Turk, Kramer, Sheldon, Frollo, among others on the women's side; Davis, Emili, Gordish, Bolen, Faychak for the men), but, especially in a year where, as has been previously mentioned, depth will be increasingly important without the AMCC present, I'm not sure that SVC's second cut can compete with Westminster and Grove City on either side ... And who knows what W&J will bring to the mix. It currently appears that they have a lot of high rankings in events in the conference (they should, given they're the only ones to have swum a partial taper), but even at that, it's many of those same swimmers appearing in more than the max of three events that they'll be permitted to swim come February.

The two things I'm most intrigued about for this coming weekend are 1) to see who actually swims for Westminster and 2) to see if Grove City's fast dual-meet times translate to fast "tapered" times. A number of swimmers (and divers, for that matter) on Titans' rosters have yet to compete. People studying abroad, perhaps? If that's the case, this weekend still won't tell us anything. As for Grove City, if they can make similar drops to what they've made in past years midseason, we could see some fast times.

In case anyone wants them handy, Live results for this weekend's meets:

Calvin (Grove City): http://calvinswimming.com/
Wooster (Westminster, Chatham): https://www.collegeswimming.com/results/77625/

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Re: 2016 Championship in Review/2017 Predictions

Post by PACswimmingnerd » Mon Dec 05, 2016 1:29 pm

After this past week of invitationals, it was nice to see Westminster's depth finally show. Both teams posted their highest placement at the Invitational ever. Whatever Coach Smith is doing for them, it must be working. Both teams crushed it all across the board. Any doubt I had regarding WC's strength has been completely erased. I'd like to highlight some performances from this past week:

1) WC's Free relays!! Just wow. 1:23.88 for the men is absolutely flying. It will be incredibly tough to beat that time. It seems that they can finally put together a sprint free relay! They were only .2 off of their school record as well. Their 400 Free relay was also a half second faster than what won PACs last year with a time of 3:08.48. Also, they broke their school record in the 800 Free relay, posting the top time by over 10 seconds with a 6:55.48. That time would have also won PACs last year, beating themselves out. With a real taper, their relay could drop some SERIOUS time and potentially make it to nationals (for example, Peffer has a PB of 1:41.97 and split a 1:45 in the relay on Friday. Right there is a four second drop). The women also posted solid relays, their 200 Free relay was already much faster than what they went at PACs last year while they lead currently in the 400 and 800 Free relays.

2) Medley Relays - Westminster men are on top yet again with the 400 Medley. It seems like GCC is competitive in all three stokes until the freestyle leg; they just don't have anyone who can come close to Westminster's anchor and that fact will probably cost them the event. The 200 however, is a different story. GCC currently has a faster time by .4. It will be a great race for the PAC title I am sure! On the women's side, GCC also has the top spot by a little over a second. In the 400, Saint Vincent still has the top time by three and a half seconds.

3) Standout individuals:
Ben Slate (freshman, GCC) fired off some impressive breaststroke splits with a tying of the GCC school record in the 100 in 57.53, and a solid 2:07.17 in the 200. Also, he split 26.30 in the 50. Interesting side note: this freshman is 20 years old. Found this out while watching live results online. Given that, his times make more sense. The guy is old enough to be a junior. Throwing that out there...
Rhys Dickhudt (sophomore, GCC) had a pretty good meet, posting a good 1:44.50 lead off leg for GCC's 800 Free relay. That swim put him in the GCC Top 10 and knocked teammate Jeremy Kim out. Also, he had a PB in the 100 Fly with a time of 51.69. Additionally, he broke 22 for the first time with a 21.90.
David Peffer (sophomore, WC) was incredibly impressive. Posting a solid 51.93 in the 100 Back, a quick 1:42.84 in the 200 Free, and an absolutely blistering 1:51.16 in the 200 Back as well as a PB relay split of 47.2 in a prelim 400 Medley relay anchor.
Matt Kwalick (freshman, WC) posted top times in both IMs with a 1:56.00 and a 4:12.74 in the 200 and 400 respectively. He also posted a solid 1:54.98 in the 200 Back, adding to WC's Backstroke depth. To add onto his successes, he had great relay lead off splits in all three freestyle relays. He swam a 21.53/47.54/1:44.72 in the 50/100/200 respectively. This great freshman pickup seems to be the missing piece to free relay success for the Titans.
Aaron DunLany (freshman, WC) posted the top time in the PAC for the 1650, boasting a best time of 16:39.08 and the top time in the PAC by seven seconds. He will have a good race with reigning champ Alex Bolen of Saint Vincent. He swam a solid 500, posting the second fastest time in the PAC with a 4:44.05. He also had a good flat start 1:45.65 in the 200, with a relay split of 1:44.78.
Mitch Stahara (junior, WC) absolutely lit it up last week. He broke WC's school record by almost a full second in the 200 Freestyle, currently ranking 17th in the country with a NCAA 'B' cut time of 1:40.04. He holds the fastest time in the 500 free by four seconds, in front of his teammate with a 4:40.99. He didn't quite beat out Jacob Davis's 100 flat start of 45.94, but came close with a 45.98 (while he was a 46.16 at night). That will be an exciting race come PACs! His relay splits were off the charts; he had best times across the board with a 20.47 split anchoring the 200 Free relay. He also split 45 three other times on relays, a 45.6 in the 400 Medley prelims, a 45.30 anchor at night, and a 45.29 anchor of the 400 Free relay. Also a relay split of 1:40.17 anchoring the 800 Free relay was solid.

Honorable mentions:
Clay Murray (sophomore, WC) had a fantastic invite, splitting a very good 22.71 in the 50 fly in WC's A relay, narrowly beating out residing champion butterflyer Brad Kolesar's 22.79. Also breaking 22 for the first time on a flat start 50 Free and breaking 54 in the 100 Fly. He wasn't too strong last year but perhaps he will play a larger role for the Titans this year.
Dan Bogen (junior, WC) had some very solid 50 free relay splits this week, with a 21.28 and 21.17 - further showing his improvements over the season. Typically not a very strong dual meet swimmer, he has been consistent in splitting under 22, and has shown he is ready for speed later this season as well.

Megan Douds (junior, WC) had a great 200 Fly, posting an NCAA 'B' cut time of 2:06.74. Also, she posted the top 500 time out of nowhere with a 5:13.09. She also hold the fastest 100 Free time with a 53.80.
Anne Dassow (freshman, GCC) posted a fantastic 200 Fly with an NCAA 'B 'cut time of 2:05.18. Also posted an impressive time of 57.34 in the 100 Fly.
Carolyn Novak (sophomore, WC) proved to be a great transfer from Gannon, posting a PB of 24.31 in the 50 Free. She also had a great 100, posting a 53.95. She also relay split a 23.95 anchor of the 200 Free relay.

Overall, at least the GCC men did not hold up to their dual meet swims. Not at all. On their twitter page it was confirmed that they had a partial taper for this meet. With that being said, they are very underwhelming given their duel meet swims so far.

Given that WC presumably had a partial taper as well, PACs will be very fast and I am excited to see everything play out!

If I missed anything or didn't give credit to some good swims, please let me know!

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