Freshman: Class of 2016

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Re: Freshman: Class of 2016

Post by weedwacker2000 » Sun Sep 09, 2012 12:34 am

COSprings - Thanks for doing all that research in checking the incoming times for the freshmen (first-year) swimmers. Just thought I would add some comments in regards to Grove City, as well as supplement your efforts with some other times I found. I'll start with the women.

I definitely agree that Megan Bilko and Andrea Rice are great additions to the GCC women's team. Without a doubt Megan's times show she is a very good distance swimmer (for PAC, not necessarily for NESCAC), and as such should be a welcome relief for Jenny Ryan in the 1000 and mile at duel meets. Andrea's times in the butterfly should place her up there (top 3) at the conference meet. She will give the team a continued strong presence in the fly once Katie Riesmeyer graduates. The other swimmers will be helpful, but will most likely not make an impact at PACs. However Carolyn Eckendorf has shown that she is a very good diver, having won her PA district championship, and placing in the top 10 at states.

For the Grove City men it looks like a relatively average freshmen class, unless that guy from Cairo turns out to be an excellent swimmer. At least we can hope! It will be tough for them to go for a "six-peat", having lost such an excellent graduating class. Yet according to the rosters it appears there are no other guys loss from attrition from last year, which is a good thing. Here are some additional times I found:

Nick Wargo - 2:07.04 200IM, 51.33 100 free split, 22.75 50 free split
Ben Marasco - 57.53 100 fly
Dillon Irwin - 52.28 100 free, 1:58.10 200 free, 23.51 50 free split
Stephen Cratsa - 5:06.53 500 free, 57.10 100 fly, 51.89 100 free split

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Re: Freshman: Class of 2016

Post by COSpringsGCC » Sun Sep 09, 2012 6:13 pm

Ok thanks weedwacker for finding these times.

Stephen Crasta has the most Top 16 times with a 5:06.5 in the 500 and a 57.1 in the 100 Fly.
Ben Marasco’s 57.5 in the 100 Fly also puts him in the top 16.
Nick Wargo is close in the 3 events you found for him. He’s basically a second off in the 50, 100 Free and the 200 IM (22.75/22:56, 51.33/50.22, 2:07.04/2:06.42).
Dillon Irwin is close also in the 50 and 100 Free but significantly farther back in the 200 Free. (23.51/22:56, 52.28/50.22, 1:58.1/1:50.9).
This really just proves what I said in the last post with Fritz successfully recruiting mainly sprinters with the times you found 2 of the guys are sprinters. Crasta may be an exception to this but with only the 500 as his “long” race we’ll have to wait till the season starts to see.

Just to be clear since I never stated this earlier. My basis of whether or not someone is “Top 16” or “Top 8” is based on prelim times (the obvious exception being the mile). Just wanted to let you guys know.

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Re: Freshman: Class of 2016

Post by COSpringsGCC » Wed Sep 19, 2012 2:25 pm

Bethany's rosters are up!

They added 8 guys to their roster, 2 of whom are not freshmen. Not sure if they are transfers or just were convinced to swim, but either way the added men to the roster helps.
Stephen Gaydos
Byron Hall
Adam Kemmler
Brandon Martell (So)
James Peterson (Jr)
Nathan Tennant
Brandon Trinh
Nick Wierzchowski

The Women's team are adding 6 to their roster. 2 of whom are once again not freshmen.
Brittney Donaldson
Taylor Jacobs
Katrina Miller (Sr)
Alexi Pyles
Dayanara Ramos
Katherine Woeckner (Jr)

I was only able to find times for Stephen Gaydos in my relatively quick USA Swimming Times search. If anyone wants to or has means to dig deeper to find times please feel free.

(I can post Stephen's times if anyone wants them. Nothing too fast. Times were in Freestyle, Breaststroke, and IM)

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Re: Freshman: Class of 2016

Post by COSpringsGCC » Mon Oct 01, 2012 2:31 pm

The St. Vincent women’s roster was posted today and we are still waiting for the men’s roster. On the women’s side there are only two new freshmen and one women returning after not swimming last year.

Mary Kenna swam the 200 Breast (2:34.3) and both IMs (2:18.6/4:57.2) at PACs in the 2010-2011 season. With those times she remains in the same bracket of placing (Top 8 vs Top 16) in all three events this past year. Her 200 IM and 200 Breast would both have remained Top 16 and her 400 IM would have kept her in the Top 8 at PACs.

I was actually able to find times for both freshmen women. Allison Friery is the stronger of the two. Allison only had times in the 50 and 100 free and both of them would have been TOP 8 (24.3/54.9).

Christina Webster on the other hand had a lot more times listed, yet no top 16 qualifications. She had 50-1000 Free (29.4/ 1:05.1/ 2:18.0/ 6:05.6/ 13:00.1), 100 and 200 Back (1:11.2/ 2:36.3), 100 Breast (1:28.4), 100 Fly (1:11.5) and 200 IM
(2:39.8 ). From the look of her time spread she seems to like Back and Free not sure what she’ll end up swimming.

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Re: Freshman: Class of 2016

Post by COSpringsGCC » Thu Oct 04, 2012 8:09 am

St. Vincent’s Men’s Roster is up. And as previously rumored Joe Woodman isn’t on the roster.

The Bearcats do add five new freshmen to the roster.

Darren Anderton
Matthew Crum
Nicholas Patton
Allen Sant
Henry Signore

Nicholas Patton and Henry Signore were the only two guys I could find times for. Nicholas Patton has the only Top 16 time in the 200 Breast (2:20.7). He also has times in the 50 and 200 Free (25.3/ 2:01.4), 100 Breast (1:04.3), and 200 IM (2:14.5).
Henry Signore has times in the 50, 100, and 200 Free (23.6/51.1/1:50.1), 100 Back (57.1) and 200 IM (2:04.4).

I couldn't find times for other three guys.But one things for sure with Joe Woodman out, St. Vincent will definitely be looking for someone to step up in the PAC Conference this year.

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Re: Freshman: Class of 2016

Post by COSpringsGCC » Thu Oct 11, 2012 2:42 pm

W&J’s roster is up, and the men's team is decently sized this year. They look like they brought in an average class with a couple of bright spots to highlight. Here are the freshmen:
Justin Clark
Kevin Dunigan
Nicholas Gill
Collin Higgins
Andrew Hugenberg
Benjamin McGrath
Frank Mohn
Armando Paolino
Anthony Squeglia
Michael Wieber
Nicholas Williams

Armando Paolino seems to be the best freshmen for the Presidents this year of the 4 times I found for him all of them qualified top 16 (50- 22.4r, 100Fr – 48.9r), with 2 of them being top 8 (200Fr – 1:45.8, 100Fl – 51.7).

Anthony Squeglia also posted 2 top 16 times in the 200 and 500 frees (1:48.8, 5:06.7). He also has times listed in the 50, 100, mile and 100Br (25.1, 51.6, 21:43.7; 106.0 Br). Though none of these times are top 16, with Boutwell leaving any experience in the mile should help in at least the dual meets.

Nick Gill is the only other guy I could find times for that had a top 16 times listed. In the 200 Br he has posted a 2:26.9. Other times for him range from the Frees (up to the 500), 100 Fly and Breast, and the 200 IM. (Fr – 22.9/52.7/1:57.0/5:27.8; Br – 1:07.4; Fl – 58.9; IM – 2:11.1).

Kevin Dunigan is the forth and only other guy I could find times for and only in 2 events (100 Fl – 55.6; 200 IM – 2:02.3).

Now on to the women's team.

First off Isabella Diaz is back on the roster after not being on it at the end of last year. Her 1000, 500 and 200 IM could be a threat towards the end of the season if she stays the whole season this year.

Of the freshmen Rachel Murphy and Emily Golling seem to be the strongest. Rachel Murphy has top 16 times in 3 events (Back – 1:01.8/2:21.3; Breast – 1:10.7). Her 200 IM is top 8, by several seconds (her 2:12.9 vs. a 2:17.8 ). Her other times are in the 50, 100, 200, and 500 Fr (28.0/1:00.5/ 2:11.1/ 5:58.7) and the 200 Br (2:41.6).

Emily Golling has Top 8 times in the 100 and 200 Frees (55.4/2:01.6), and a top 16 time in the 50 (25.3). She also has times listed in the 500 (5:48.0), both backs (1:09.5/2:35.0), 100 Br and Fl (1:26.5/1:09.3) and 200 IM (2:32.8 ).

Hallie Synan has the most times I could find other than Murphy and Golling. She had all the frees up to the 1000 (27.3/58.7/ 2:07.3/5:39.8/11:50.4), both backs (1:10.2/2:30.6), 100 fly (1:14.4), and 200 IM (2:27.8 ).

Rachel Clauss and Kylie McKenna also had times. Clauss has 50 and 100 free times (26.7 and 1:00.2). McKenna has 50 and 100 free times as well as a 100 back time (30.6/1:09.1 and 1:24.0 Bk).

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Re: Freshman: Class of 2016

Post by titantown » Tue Oct 16, 2012 4:09 pm

I saw someone asked if anyone close to WC knew about the seemingly incomplete rosters...

Westminster has a new Sports Information Director this year, and this could be why the online rosters have sometimes seemed incomplete. Other parts of the WC Athletics page have ben lacking lately also, which makes me think the new SID is just slow in adjusting.

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Re: Freshman: Class of 2016

Post by greswe » Wed Oct 17, 2012 11:11 am

The return of Iasbella Diaz and the addition if Emily Golling, at W&J, will definitely help fill some of what was lost by graduations. Returning Sophomore Jessica Sweitzer should remain strong this year and maintain her place as one of the top 100, 200 freestylers in the conference. Jessica put in a lot of work over the summer and should improve on her 53.39 PAC 100 free time.

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Re: Freshman: Class of 2016

Post by weedwacker2000 » Sat Oct 20, 2012 12:30 am

It's good to see more new posters to the PAC forum. Perhaps, then, I won't be the only one making entries on this forum for the championship meets in Feb. and March!!

Well, the season starts tomorrow for Grove City at their annual slug-it-out fest at Clarion Univ. I did notice from the GCC women's roster a few losses, particularly Andrea Rice who would most likely have been a high impact swimmer for them. However they did gain back senior Kaitlyn Yeatts. The men's roster seems unchanged. I also noticed that Westminster women have added two new freshmen, Barry and Landis, but lost another in Baker. Anyway whatever late changes occur, should not have that much impact for the season, unless some team can pick up a Kaitlyn Orstein or a Tim Whitbeck kind of swimmer!

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