New head coach at Bethany

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New head coach at Bethany

Post by weedwacker2000 » Tue Jun 07, 2011 1:37 pm

Just finished looking over the latest online press release, and couldn't help noticing a significant change to the Bethany College swim program. New head coach, David Dow, comes from SUNY Cortland where he had a successful career as long distance swimmer, and assistant coach in their program. Hopefully he will bring with him new enthusiasm and energy, and turn around a swim team which has been pretty pathetic lately. (Frankly most high schools could beat Bethany in a duel meet.) Clearly Coach Dow has his work cut out for himself. I doubt he can bring about major improvements his first year, but perhaps after several recruiting seasons he can bring in more skilled swimmers, and train them to be competitive in the PAC.

I was also encouraged that Bethany College made the committment to move forward with their swim program, instead of trashing it altogether, which case could easily have been made.

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Re: New head coach at Bethany

Post by WendyG » Wed May 29, 2013 11:49 am

The college should look into a fulltime assistant instead of having a constant carousel of them every 2years due to their "internship" program if they wish to see significant improvements.

But with that being said; I'm sure he will do the best he can with what is provided. I see from this past year that they already had some mild success.

Congrats, good job, and keep it up!

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