MIAA '20-21 preview

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MIAA '20-21 preview

Post by Unionsteels4 » Thu Mar 26, 2020 9:59 pm

Is it too early for this? I'm gunna say no just cause most people have nothing else to do right now

Recruit classes are FAR from over, but we can at least address departures and what could be in store. Also, does KZoo debut their new pool this year or the next year?

Notable departures by team:
Albion: Kimbrell, Huidobro, bigmac Robertson, Moran, Ciemniecki. All of those guys were first team all conference at least once

Calvin: Randall, Goins, T Hazlett, S holstege, Kirk
This is probably a bigger leadership hit than anything for them, though their breaststroking crew will have to find someone

Zoo: Anger, Stille, French, Orwin. Very solid group that will be tough to replace

Hope: Clyde. Points wise not hard to replace, it's the other seniors and their leadership that will be a challenge

Olivet: Eric wood needs a LOT of credit for helping turn this thing around. They'll be good

That's a senior class with a lot of names who have been scoring all 4 years. However, all 6 schools in the conference have recently shown that they can recruit with this past years freshmen showing out big. Hopefully nationals actually happens next year and the MIAA has at least 3 teams representing

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