Kzoo vs Alma

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Kzoo vs Alma

Post by RollTide » Sat Feb 08, 2020 11:23 pm

Despite what our senior member of the forum Skylar Fish said(he’s getting forgetful in his old age), the MIAA dual season officially concluded today with Kzoo vs Alma. Judging by the AlmaScotsSwimDive Instagram, it appears that Alma copied the Wise Owl cheer word for word and hopefully returned the Owl. The real question is, can Kzoo hold onto the owl for longer than a few hours?


-There were some big names missing as Anger from Kzoo and Sutton from Alma were not in the pool. I hope it’s not too serious as getting sick around this time of year can derail a taper and Anger has a history of getting sick around conference time.

-After missing the first half of the season to from what I’ve heard is an injury, Max “The Bionic Elbow” Carey has been coming along nicely the last few meets. The Bionic Elbow got under a minute last week for the first time all year and was under 59 this week. By the end of this year, he might go full robot and drop a 51-52 on us through his enhanced genetic modifications.

-A nice swim for Kzoo’s Cebelak in the 1000. She could be in for a big conference meet this year.

-Also, to whomever questioned Brenden French’s 200 ability, he not only is currently one of the top 200 breaststrokers in the conference right now according to, but he also won the 200 free today. Never doubt the stone cold killer instinct of a champion

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