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Every year, Mac of the Miac gives his controversial coaching grades for all the MIAC coaches. While D3Swimming.com does not agree with these opinions, we do support his right to say them. You can find the post here.

Second semester is over, and it’s time for grades. Criteria is:

1) Recruiting class
2) Taper
3) Swimmer improvement

Hauck + 1 – A
What I liked: Won conference. Brought in 2 5 star recruits. And had neerly everyone swimming fast at the end of the year. Jacob Reinhardt was the break out swimmer of the year. Bateman dominated while wearing a Norway speedo. Kubat and Scarth got their cuts. Got a few relays in. Everyone seemed to swim their right events, except Kyle Biesecker.

What I didn’t like: Kyle Beisecker’s event selection. He was a 19 split in the 50 free and then swam the IM. I know Olaf has turned a lot of swimmers into Nat class 200 IM’ers, but it didn’t work for Biesecker. I thought Taylor Kutchen would have been faster.

Bill Saxton – A-
What I liked: Landed the first 5 star recruit that I can remember in Mando Moss. And then got a great taper out of him. Relays swam really well. Seemed like he had the right guys swimming the right events. I initially thought Ty Nimmens was a screw up, but sounds like Ty had a shoulder injury. Gutsy performance from him. He also got a number of 3 star recruits like Gernes. These are the folks you need to win conference. Josh Seaburg swam great.

What I didn’t like: A lot of his swimmers from 3-4 years ago have really plataued. Williams and Happe are two. Connor Triggs regressed from HS. I could fix Pat Foley’s breathing problem with 10 minutes of drills. I still don’t understand how college coaches let bad freestyle technique go uncorrected.

Jon Carlson – B+
What I liked: Holy crap Whitaker Davis had a great year. He broke the longest standing record in the MIAC. Carlson got serious improvement out of Davis over 4 years, and a fantastic senior year. Got a 59 out of Hoekstra. Olsen Anstet improved from HS. Nachsteim had several increadible 50 swims. Defranco added a third event, even though he didn’t score in the breast.

What I didn’t like: His recruiting class was really below average. He improved a few 2 tier recruits, but that was it. There is no excuse for Hoekstra to be able to go a 59 in the breast and a 24 in the 50 free. Also, don’t give swimmers without a third event a gimme. Put him in the 400IM and at least he’ll have 1 leg. I was hoping to see John Rice blow up more this year. Wes Whatever also seems to be stuck at a 1:48 in the 200 free. Would have liked to have seen Nachsteim in the 50.

Andy Clark – C+
What I liked: Great recruiting class for CAR. Ramirez is a 4 star recruit. Also got some solid depth. Kanazawa, after a bad first race really rebounded. Mering had a terrific senior year. A lot of school records got broken.

What I didn’t like: Everyone swam slow on their first day. I think he missed their taper a little bit. They should not have been going that fast at the MN challenge. I also do not like the fact that CAR does not have a mid-season taper meet. I especially didn’t like it when they had nat swimmers like Marshall. Their guys seem really broken down for a lot of the year, and that’s not elite coaching. I was hoping for Ramirez to go faster. I would not have him swimming the 500 free. All in all, Andy Clark was pretty inovative when I swam, but it seems like he’s slipping a bit and needs to evolve as a coach. Was expecting Klontz to dominate.

Bob Pearson/Mac Coach – D
What I liked: Bob added a lot of swimmers to Mac. I hope the new coach keeps them in swimming. Got improvements out of Yamashita.

What I didn’t like: Nathan Young getting to be the head coach and deciding his swims.

Tom Hodgeson – D
What I liked: One of the best recruiting classes in the country. Rippentrop swam well. That’s about all I liked, as nearly all of his swimmers regressed like 18 year old girls putting on their freshman 15.

What I didn’t like: When you prime your team to swim fast once a year, and it doesn’t happen, well, then, there is only one person to look at. The coach who probably has 17 really swimmers feeling like they wasted a lot of time getting worse at swimming in 2011.

Eric Lindstrom – F
What I liked: Matis dropped like 20 seconds in his 200 IM, but that’s a lot easier to do when you are a 2:25 going in.

What I didn’t like: Lost Tysk. Lost Heacox. Ross got worse at swimming. Event selection was bad. Matis should not have been in the 100 free. Couldn’t field 5 relays because no one wants to swim at SMU. He also spends time emailing me to lecture on his bad coaching grades. Probably should spend that time talking to Tim Tysk. When you can’t improve swimmers, they quit. A

Frank Vaccaro – F
What I liked: Swimming 5 relays to score more points.

What I didn’t like: Does not have a single swimmer who can break 25 in the 50 free. That’s not cool for 8 & under.

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