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This post can be found here. This outlines the biggest d3 question everyone has each February/March. Thanks Swmr46!

A lot has changed since last year. I figure I would post the link to the Championship Handbook. That way everyone can freshen up on the qualification procedures.

http://fs.ncaa.org/Docs/champ_handbooks … imming.pdf

Number of Participants. The number of participants in the 2011 championships
cannot exceed the following limits: Men—257; and Women—264.

Step 1: All individual swimmers and all relays that have achieved “A” time standards will
be entered in the meet.

Step 2: The top16 qualifying relay teams in each relay event and 22 divers will be

Step 3: Entries will be added to each individual swimming event, filling across rows
until each event has an equal number of qualifiers. Individual spaces will be
filled by comparing student-athlete’s individual event times to the Division III
championships record by percentage.

Step 4: The competitor whose percentage is closest to the record will be taken first
until 140 men and 146 women individual event qualifiers are selected or the
maximum participant number is reached.

Step 5: Relay-only swimmers will be added to only those individual events for which
they have met the “B” time standard.

Step 6: At this point, if the maximum participant cap has not been reached, studentathletes
will be selected in the following order:
1 diver
2 individual event swimmers
1 diver
2 individual event swimmers
1 diver (maximum cap for divers is 25)
Any remaining participant cap space will be filled by individual event
In the rare instances of a tie for the last entry to the championships, both
individuals will be allowed to participate in the championships.

Step 7: After the selection process is completed and the qualifiers are selected into the
championships, the optional entries will be added for the individual qualifiers.

Step 8: No team may have more than 18 competitors.

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