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From Chapel Partner in his topic under the MIAC forum, Conference Relays:

I know I wrote a bunch of crap at the beginning of the year on this, but I’m too lazy to go back and look what I wrote. So if I contradict myself, I don’t really care.

Here is what I’m coming up with for relays for the big 5. Obviously things will change, especially after day 1 of conference (some guys hitting their taper, some not-so-much)…

200 Med – Kirihara, Schultze, MFV, DeFranco
400 Med – Kirihara, Schultze, MVF, Wii-Dave
200 FR – DeFranco, Olsen-Anstett, Nachtsheim, Wii-Dave
400 FR – Wii-Dave, Schultze, DeFranco, Beef Stew
800 FR – Wii-Dave, Schultze, Beef Stew, Rice

No idea really what they’ll do on the 200 FR (could put Schultze on that). Best scoring relays are probably the Meds and the 800 FR. Schultze is the only real lock for 4 relays. Wii-Dave should be (assuming he can pull together a decent 50).

200 Med – Happe, Otis, Moss, Williams
400 Med – Happe, Otis, Moss, Nimens
200 FR – Moss, Nimens, Williams, Shelquist/Gernes/Schwichtenberg
400 FR – Moss, Nimens, Williams, Shelquist/Gernes/Schichtenberg
800 FR – Seaburg, J Foley, Otis, Nimens

800 FR was just off a B-Cut last year and is probably in the mix for 2nd this year behind STO. Not sure how Moss swims his 200s, but if he’s a solid 200 guy (1:43 or better), you maybe put him on this in hopes of getting a better B cut.

200 Med – Mering, Gourevitch, Ramirez, Klontz
400 Med – Mering, Gourevitch, Kanazawa, Klontz
200 FR – Mering, Ramirez, Kanazawa, Klontz
400 FR – Mering, Ramirez, Kanazawa, Klontz
800 FR – Ramirez, Kilgour, Sagin, Kanazawa

Cormier is in the mix for the 200 FR. I figure they split up the Meds with Ramirez and Kanazawa to open them both up to swim the 800 FR. Of course, this could be way off.

200 Med – Hoelterhoff, Frost, Huls, Henrickson
400 Med – Hoelterfoff, Frost, Huls, Henrickson
200 FR – Rauchwarter, Huls, Henrickson, Hubbard
400 FR – Hoelterhoff, Huls, Henrickson, Rauchwarter
800 FR – Rauchwarter, Hubbard, E Nimens, Hoelterhoff

Hoelterhoff is really the only lock for 4 relays. I have Huls and Henrickson at 4, but those are iffy still. Hard to think of a scenario where Rauchwarter only swims 3 relays, but I came up with one (and had one where he only swims 2, he’s no lock for the 200 FR)… it will come down to him and Henrickson I think anchoring the 400 Med, and Henrickson has the better time overall right now. Hubbard was a 20.9 relay in high school, I think he gets a shot on the 200 FR at least. Maybe even 400/800 FRs.

200 Med – Murrell, Kubat, Money, Biesecker
400 Med – Bateman, Kubat, Money, Murrell
200 FR – Kubat, Murrell, Biesecker, Bateman
400 FR – Bateman, Biesecker, Murrell, Kubat
800 FR – Bateman, Scarth, Biesecker, Liaboe

No real locks for 4 relays at this point other than probably Bateman. But that assumes Bateman can either swim a fast 50 back or 50 free. He anchored in a 21.44 last weekend. Murrell, Biesecker, and Kubat could all be 4 relay guys.
Meds and the 800 FR will have shots at nats I think. Stefan Lemke was a 1:46 200 Free in high school. I could see him making any of the free relays.

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