D3Swimming.com Under New Ownership

As the welcome post said, D3swimming.com is changing. Derek Jansen, the founder of the website, has decided to take a step back and allow new owners to take over, us. We all appreciate the time and effort Derek put into the site to get it up and running. With that as our base and history, we are looking to take D3Swimming.com into a new era. We have a lot of plans and ideas, but implementation won’t come overnight. Here’s a sneak peak of what’s to come and where we need YOUR help:

Step 1

New format – It’s time to freshen up the main page in a way that’s easy to navigate. Look for this format to be changed shortly after the first of the year. Consider this our Christmas, or Hanukkah, present to you.

News – The last news posting was from 2008. A couple things have happened since then and we’re dedicated to posting as much relevant content to the main page as possible.

Results – Swimming results are a staple of any swimming website. We want to have any many results as possible contained on our website in an easy to browse format.

Step 2

Conference Blogs – This is where YOU come in. Our goal is to have several bloggers who post regular articles for the main page. First and foremost, we’d like a blogger per “active” conference (MIAA, MIAC, NESCAC, etc.). This would be a simple post, likely weekly, to summarize what has happened for the teams within the conference in the past week. Season, conference meet and national meet, as relevant to your conference, previews would also be expected. In the near future, we’d like to be able to pay you for your efforts based on the number of “hits” your posts receive. Consider this last piece a Step 3.

Other Blogs – If that doesn’t strike your fancy, or a blog has already been taken for your conference of interest, we’d like more bloggers as well. This could be a coach, a parent, an alum or current swimmer. General topics for these would be discussed with Mike and I, but as long as it’s relevant to d3 swimming, we’re probably game. You may even become the “Sports Guy” of D3Swimming.com. Again, we’d like to pay you for your submissions based on popularity over time.

What won’t be changing:

The forum – This, currently, is our most popular section and will have no changes coming in the immediate future. Why ruin a good thing?

User input – While Derek created the site, the popularity and success of the site has come from the users who sign on, bring ideas and stay active. We want this not just to continue, but to improve as we look to encompass as many ideas as possible.

Stick with us. These changes (and more, our ideas exceed our time currently) won’t happen overnight, but once again, if you’d like to help or have a suggestion/comment, please, contact us!

1 thought on “D3Swimming.com Under New Ownership”

  1. I want to publicly thank Mike and Josh for stepping up to take over the site. While I’ve known for a number of years that I didn’t have time for the site anymore, I had a very difficult time finding people with the right time, interest, and mission to take over the site. Mike and Josh are going to do great things with the site and I’m looking forward to seeing these improvements take shape. Also, now that I don’t feel so guilty for letting the site go, I will be able to participate again in the d3swimming.com community! So watch out, members of the MIAA forum…

    Thank you to all the supporters over the years for helping make d3swimming.com such a great resource for Division III Swimming & Diving.


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